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Hello there,

hope you all are well. As our community is growing and members are using the PlaySteem app to post their content.
If you don't know what is PlaySteem then here a shorts introduction.



PlaySteem is an app for Android and IOS its the smart solution to doing activity in steemit through the mobile application developed by @etainclub. A user can perform any type of activity from posting content to transfer funds and beyond it. There's a lot of useful features like push notification, text-to-speech, and many more.

How to Download

Go to this Website and choose your device platform Android or IOS and download and install the app on your device. Android users who have Android user who have 64-bit architecture devices can go for the 64-bit app else go for the 32-bit app.


List of Useful Tutorials

Search Posts
Searching posts is very important! Thus the PLAY STEEM app adopted the Google Search Engine.

The PLAY STEEM app has minimum wallet functionalities which are powerup and STEEM/SBD transfer.

I think you don't want to get notifications when you are sleeping, right? So this is for that purpose.

Today, I will introduce the most famous feature of PLAY STEEM. As you guess, it is push notifications!

Today, I will explain a hidden feature of the app, which is Text To Speech (TTS).

Today I want to introduce an easy way to create a new account for yourself or your friend.

Today I want to introduce a convenient feature of the PLAY STEEM app, which is handling multiple accounts and switching accounts.

Today I want to introduce one of the cool features of the PLAY STEEM app, which is favoriting an author.

Today I want to introduce one of the cool features of the PLAY STEEM app, which is bookmarking.

Hi, I want to make tutorials on how to use the features of the PLAY STEEM app.



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thank you for the nice introduction

Just read all the topics. These are very basic techniques but very helpful for newbies like me... Thanks for uploading.....

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