v0.7.4 Hot Patch Fixes Client Side Lag!

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Good morning or evening folks, hope all is well on your end. After finding that the new v0.7.3 version of real-time profit chart was causing client side lag a hotfix or new patch of the site has been released this morning in order to combat the lag. This has been done by allowing players to hide the profit chart and remove the entries in the array used to display it in order to take stress off the browser trying to constantly draw a chart that can contain hundreds or thousands of data points in real time.

Previously you were unable to do much about the lag caused by the real time profit chart however now if you click the "click here" link under the profit chart it'll clean up the users bets array as well as remove the chart itself. I apologize for the slow rolls caused by this client side lag bug over the past 2 days.

This is a temporary hot patch in order to make sure users can still play on the site until I can find a way to optimize the real-time profit chart itself and make it configurable to scale with different systems. In testing from here in Canada I was able to get around 5.4 bets per a second on rolls greater than or equal to 0.001 STEEM. Admittedly the previous update to the site was pushed out a bit faster than it should have been and I didn't catch the profit chart slowing down the site until it went live.

Big shout out to STEEM and SR user @cowbay for helping me test things out and confirm the slow down issue so it could be addressed.


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