Two xena go crazy on paint paper)

in zzanlast month

Recently, they often write to me that I do not show my face - I do not publish my personal photos on the network) And this is such a strange accusation (claim) against the artist ...

because my work has nothing to do with my personal photographs)

Not once in the 10 years since graduation have I regretted my chosen profession. Well, they are quite interesting, authentic in my opinion)

Previously, I had worse work, I was ashamed to publish these photos here - I thought that they had very weak drawings, but now what beautiful works I draw. But if there were no those drawings, then there would not be today's ones - after all, they are part of my path and they definitely should not be ashamed ...)

So write, guys, are you interested in such content or not?

Added two more photos for you in black and white.

It was cloudy today.