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RE: Application for Community Curator

in zzan2 years ago

Sorry, Mr. @levycore, if you become a leader in Indonesia, I strongly disagree, because of what? I have joined Steemit for over 2 years, and until a few months ago I never felt upvote from a leader in Indonesia that is you, curator, I think you are just looking for a name, here and you will lead your immediate family, not in Indonesia, and who will support you are people who are close to you and also crazy people. 😂

Even before I begged you, the meaning of begging is, I commented on your post, but you do not care about it, and ignored, your arrogance still exists today ...

(Wate galom la ot darat lon tanggong, wate ka.. Lam pageu kajak keudeh saboh-saboh)

Alah hai Lempap:D


What, you didn't see, who came, and you mentioned the name by another ...

peubangai bangai droe aju :D

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