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Who knows about the journey of human life?
Responding to all the Divine plans in every second of life is extremely difficult, but how to combine the power of mind and taste in a polite mind. At least it can be used as a powerful weapon in responding to various shocks both rational and irrational in nature and value.

Humans come with a number of abilities that are somewhat more excessive when compared with other creatures on earth, it is related to how humans have the ability to manage their emotions in a nuance of consideration (ratio). However, everything will be redundant when humans themselves do not have or have the ability to inspire it before making a decision in life, where life is a choice and a consequence.


Life is indeed full of romance, but that does not mean that romance must be a stumbling block and a big scourge, for every time it is filled with questions that actually do not bring benefits or vice versa. Therefore, to understand with certainty the functions and roles and the existence of romance, it should be an absolute thing if you want to achieve valuable success in life.

Ups and downs, hard to be happy in life is actually an inevitable patent spice in every life of the inhabitants of the universe. But wise attitude might be the main capital in giving life strength, so with that, each step will not feel more difficult. Therefore the most important thing to note is how the internal strength of each individual to always survive and surrender themselves at all times? While staying in the corridor of the Divine will's guidance. So that that will be displayed at any time in his life is the attitude of staying excited / excited / full of smiles in walking through the days of life even though thousands of waves of romance block the steps to continue to struggle to live life and the future.


Who among us, who do not want happiness in his life? Obviously everyone wants this. But the road to happiness that may not be as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Why is that? That is because the romance of life and happiness are two sides of life, which always go hand in hand. Therefore interpreting and making the most use of these two things in a system and the mechanism of the Divine mistrial is extremely important! Given there is no achievement of happiness without the process of passing through romance. Where these two things can be likened to flavorful dishes with high taste. Taste high because the spices of these dishes may be the right words and according to the balanced dose.

The more romance that goes through in achieving happiness, the happiness will be more meaningful and complete presence. And vice versa if there is happiness that is obtained without going through a series of romantic phases then happiness will seem less perfect, or in other words such happiness is less memorable in value, and besides the value of happiness is mediocre and not extraordinary from side of his presence.

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