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What is the most desired thing by all mankind? Answer only one: success. Success has become a necessity for every human being on this earth. That is why people take various methods to obtain. One of them is through formal education. Unfortunately success is not something that can easily be achieved by everyone. The wise man always said; "There is no success without sacrifice!"

Although success has become an absolute necessity for every human being, not everyone has the same view about the meaning of success. Some think of it as wealth. This group generally devotes their lives to accumulate wealth. They see money as a symbol of success. That is why they became greedy and very deify money. Money into oxygen that is absolutely necessary for their life.

Unfortunately people like this are empty.
They are generally quick to be suspicious of others. It is very difficult for them to think positively of others. If someone tries to get close, they then think, "Don't tell me this person wants to take my property." A professor of wisdom once said that people who prioritize wealth will not find the true meaning of life. "Because where his treasure is, that's where his heart is," advised the Great Teacher.


I do not deny that wealth - especially money - is important for life. Who doesn't need money? A religious institution and social institution also need money for operational activities. How can we establish a place of worship without money which is a donation from someone else? Money is important but money is not everything. Money is a means to make our lives more meaningful. Both for yourself and others.

In addition to wealth, there are also people who identify success with the peace of life. This group doesn't like anything. Some even tend to be passive and distance themselves from people's lives. This attitude is also a choice and we cannot say it is wrong.

There are also people who identify success with fame. They are willing to go the long way up for the sake of popularity. Sometimes this long journey is so tiring that some choose shortcuts by practicing less commendable methods.

Understand that success is synonymous with fame usually only proven its truth at an early stage. Gradually, as popularity grows, many certain things happen that eventually make a public figure forced to reject this understanding. For example, with the loss of privacy concerned because every movement is always monitored by the public through the press.

Sometimes I myself am very sorry to see how the life of an artist is "over-robbed" excessively by the mass media. The media always say that what is presented is to satisfy the curiosity of the reader or audience. Maybe there is a point too. To be sure, it's clear that success is not synonymous with fame.

Then there are those who define success with good health. Against this definition I sometimes ask reflective questions, aren't there so many people with very good health but their lives are empty? They did not work at all and tried to make their lives more meaningful.


So, what is the right definition of success? I don't pretend to call myself a success expert because I am still learning and searching for what true success means. To be sure, success is a currency that is always sought by all humans in this world.

However, success is not an end in itself; success is a journey. Success is not a destination; success is a journey! Yes, success is a journey! If we have succeeded in achieving a dream, we still have to continue the journey. The end of the journey is when we close our eyes and return to His presence.

When you fall do not ever complain. Don't you ever feel the worst, look above there is still the sky. The world is as big as what you want. Let's dream.

A beautiful dream begins with a hard struggle, the determination to change life is in you. The price is dead if we believe we can without having to go to a place that once made you fail, never fall in the same hole.

Nothing is impossible, all we can achieve is how you should start. It's not easy to start something without risk. Surely a lot of obstacles that you experience, especially the people around you fail, do not ever happen again the words of people do not need to be heard. All you need to believe success awaits you.

Believe what you have accomplished in the past will return even more than before. The struggle and prayer of your main friend because that is the key to your success. Without complaining, without resignation, without blaming others, stay confident that you can certainly be what you mean today, with a dream to be successful tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you will be who you are.

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