Three Keys to Success = Motivation, Commitment and Consistency

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After I read the post Mr. @cjsdns about: 변화를 꾀하는 스팀 이왕이면

I write this post to motivate many Indonesian steemians to wake up from their sleep.
Because everyone in his life has the same time allotment. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Nobody has more time than that. The difference is age, which has been outlined by its Creator.

Even though they have the same time, not everyone can make the most of this time. There are those who have managed to use the time to produce the best work, but there are also some who have not been able to produce the best work. What distinguishes it?


The first is the motivation to produce the best work that is different for everyone. Not everyone has the motivation to make the best work and succeed. Though motivation is the beginning of all the success we can achieve. People with high motivation, means unyielding, tireless. People like this tend to be able to use time well and efficiently. In 1 day, you can divide your time to do the best work. It doesn't have to be 24 hours to work, but divides and maintains a balance between work, family and the surrounding community. With it all undoubtedly the best work can be easily obtained.

People with rudimentary motivation tend to be lazy when doing something. They are quite satisfied with the results of his ladas. Even often delaying work for something that is not important. There is no balance between work, play, and family and society. The result is that the resulting work is perfunctory.
This is what the team @steemitblog and @justin.sun have done today to bring Steem back to the moon.


The second is commitment. Commitment comes from motivation that is constantly maintained at the highest level. Commitment is directly proportional to the effectiveness of the time we have. When we commit to producing the best work, time effectiveness is a prerequisite. There are no words lazy, no words do not have time. Commitment to managing time allows us to choose what to do now and which can be delayed for a while. So that the best work we can produce.

The third or final is consistency. Motivation and commitment must continue to be fostered and maintained so that it can remain optimal. Consistent means being disciplined with the time set from the start. Does not mean having to always do something according to the plan no matter what happens, but rather to focus on the original goal. No problem is different from the original plan, provided the results achieved are more leverage. Sometimes you have to go back one step in order to move forward 3 steps.

second and third that is what I see from a Mr. @cjsdns all this time
who enthusiastically woke up many people from his sleep.


Motivation, commitment and consistency, three things that distinguish a person's success. Of course success is not just getting rich and material. The best work is not the one that makes a lot of money or how many people are impressed with it. But also the small things that make us better and better are also a form of success. The best work is produced when motivation, commitment and consistency combine into one.

People with high motivation and commitment are consistent and can divide their time well. Balance between work and family and society. People with low motivation, weak and inconsistent commitment cannot divide their time well.


That is what distinguishes a person's condition with and without the best work. For all of us who still cannot produce the best work, please re-examine our motivation, commitment and consistency in life. Maybe we need to reset again before doing daily activities. Because we have the same time as other people. If they can, we can too. The key is in motivation, commitment and consistency.

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Sangat tepat @wira8788
Saya sepenuhnya setuju dengan apa yang Anda katakan hari ini.
Kita sebagai steemian indonesia harus berjibaku membangun kerja tim seperti apa yang tim @steemitblog lakukan.
Dan @cjsdns telah banuak membantu steemian Indoneaia untuk tumbuh disini untuk membawa STEEM kebulan

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