Traders start their activities again

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The fifth Eid al-Adha, precisely on Tuesday, August 4, I saw the start of active traders in the Sampoiniet market district. West Baktiya District. A. North, ranging from juice sellers, satay to fruits, which is clearly seen in the picture that I show in this post,
I took this look through my smart phone (Xiaome read me note 4x) when it was already late in the afternoon, after enjoying a cup of warm coffee at a coffee shop in the area, so remember that there will be a display that I will post tonight, while casually enjoying the air cool in front of my own house, hopefully all friends can see it. This is my story today. Thank you to all readers

Hopefully this post can help my friend, the spirit of activity in the community @steemzzang

Greetings to all. Always take care of your health, thank you.

Sir : @cjsdns

By : @zzrhi73



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