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( April 5, 2021; Forbes )

While Facebook’s early corporate mantra was “move fast and break things,” the Winklevii, who famously asked then–Harvard president Larry Summers to enforce the college’s “Standards of Conduct” against Zuckerberg, have always operated under an “ask permission first, not forgiveness later” ethos. A poster on the wall of their office from Gemini’s recent New York subway marketing campaign depicts the Founding Fathers of the United States with the words THE REVOLUTION NEEDS RULES...

...“The idea of a centralized social network is just not going to exist five or ten years in the future,” Tyler predicts, when asked about Facebook. “There’s a chasm between the old world and this new crypto-native universe.”

This link was forwarded to me from @cmp2020. This is an interesting and wide-ranging article that covers topics from their experiences with Bitcoin and Ethereum to operating their own exchange, venturing into NFTs, and even some thoughts about decentralized social media.

Read the rest and view a 4 1/2 minute embedded video from Forbes: Revenge Of The Winklevii. Make sure to come back and discuss it here.


I'm not sure why this needs to be framed as an ongoing competition b/t these two and he who must not be socially invoked. The progress over the past few years of Nifty and Gemini are interesting in their own right!

Also, Forbes should have a trigger warning for epilepsy on that article. Does anybody familiar with their design framework for this topic know if that "there's something wrong with the computer" treatment is typical? Hurts my eyes!

I agree about the image file. It was obnoxious. I actually opened it in the Edge browser 'cause I thought Brave might've been doing it. No such luck.

I also agree about the framing of it as a competition between the twins and Zuck. IMO, it should be about the technological and human progress, not the personalities.

Also... "Nifty" (I see what they did there!)

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