I am sorry you found my content to be similar with another article written about Harry Potter. But I didn't copy the content. I linked how I find myself similar to Slytherin and before reaching out to that argument, I introduce the concept to my readers. The concept is what comes from book not something I or anyone can recreate.
It is a fact that Hogwarts is school of wizard and wizardly. It has four houses and students are sorted to houses by sorting house. Also the character traits are the one that are described in the book. When these things are re-narrated, they sound similar which don't mean I copy things. I can't change these things and say Hogwarts if school for vampire, there are seven houses, the bat does the sorting or create a trait of my own.
If you can kindly show me where in the link you shared does it talk about the burden of being evil born and defied by Slytherin, I will agree to your argument.
I hope you read and think before down voting that demotivates people like me who are trying to settle in this platform. Maybe help @steemitblog @steemcurator01

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