Do I accomplish this if I tag my posts with the hashtag #hive-161155 ...?

no, I think you have to log in with the link I have in the post. Then go into the Freewrite community and there is a button that says post...
We can't schedule anything there but the posts are formatted just like on Steemit...
Thank you so much!!
And believe me - nothing is obvious to me. Ever!

erg! More to learn! Why can't things just stay the same long enough for me to feel like I've got it?
I use naturalmedicine front end (another way to refer to these beta sites I think) to post natural medicine posts. Apparently that helps the community gain exposure.
To do this though, I compose the post in steempeak, which has better tools for writing, then copy and paste it into the publishing tool at the beta site. Please know I have almost no understanding of what this all is.