Freshly Baked Rolls – #freewrite 29, Day 1047

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Thinking of baked rolls calls to mind Easter at my grandma’s house. She didn’t bake rolls from scratch or anything, but she always had fresh rolls from the store that she warmed up to go along with the dinner – which usually featured ham as the main course, it seems.

We were always meeting at grandma’s house on the farm for the holidays. Like every holiday, except maybe Valentine’s Day. Do people still do that? It’s been nearly 20 years since I took part in something like that, and nearly 20 years since I moved off the farm into an urban setting, where I’ve lived since then for the most part.

I’m sure in some part of rural America this is a regular feature of life. I think I still enjoy being free on the holidays, though; going to the dinner always felt like a command performance back then, an obligation.

Still, the meals were pretty great. I’ve only really found a replacement for those holiday meals one time, when I went to my local Baptist church for their Thanksgiving feast a couple years ago.

That meal was so remarkable it got a mention in the Morning Pic, a feature of my blog I used to write when I first started out on Steem.

It’s always good to find an excuse to reference or link to my old work; you know, for search engines and posterity! There’s a few interesting photos of an early morning walk in here, too, if you care to check it out.

Photo by Manfred Richter, from Pixabay:

A new discovery

Yesterday while browsing Twitter I discovered a cool new coin on the Hive Engine side-chain: BRO coin.

I learned in this post that simply by owning BRO, you can earn a daily dividend in Pal, Neox, and (soon) Blurt. The setup is similar to TPU on Steem Engine, and I’ve been looking for something like TPU to invest in on Hive.

It’s also exciting to see Pal being utilized; I’ve been wondering about my investment in that coin, since the price keeps sliding. It’s reassuring to see it integrated into this other investment project. Now if only we would see some similar development with Creative Coin.

If you aren’t following any Hiveans or Hive tags on Twitter, I’d definitely recommend it. It’s turning out to be the easiest way to get news about Hive.

Fortuitous click

This photo has nothing to with baked rolls or BRO coin, but it’s a recent favorite of mine and I’d like to share it.

It’s a shot of Riverside Bridge in my hometown of Hoquiam, Wash. I had found an interesting new angle of the bridge at sunset, and something (probably a fish, I didn’t actually see it) jumped and made those ripples just as I was about to snap a shot.

I’ll use this photo as a hidden gem for readers of the post, instead of using it as the cover photo. You’ll see it as a cover for some flash fiction of mine soon – maybe even this week.