Share – #freewrite No. 32, Day 1055

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A seagull joined me along the riverbank in Hoquiam, Wash., this morning while I had my coffee. He posed on his rock there while I took 16 photographs.

I’m not usually a fan of seagulls – I’ve heard them referred to as ‘rats of the sky’ and think it an apt description – but this guy seemed to have personality.

It was about 9:30 or so when I went down there. As you may have heard, the West Coast is on fire, as has become the norm for this time of year. The sun already had a surreal hazy quality to it, and as the day progressed the smoke built in, to the point I had to close my apartment window because the air was hurting my throat.

Apparently we’re getting wind from the south overnight, which will bring up the big smoke from the worst of the fires in California and Oregon.

Oh boy!





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