Bitcoin is crushing - This is the end 😲 - lol

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You may see such titles in mass media. I think it's a manupulation. I didn't mean at all that bitcoin is crushing because I know that't not. I'm watching bitcoin for more than 5 years and I see it just growing every year. Even if we got stock now in the price of about $10k it doesn't mean that the price will not keep going up.

The mass media are so funny now when they write that bitcoin is crushing. I'm tired to see such news. They don't understand that bitcoin can go -10% today and +20% tomorrow or even higher. And if we look at other crypto they can even go multiple X in one day.

When we see the money invested in bitcoin or all other cryptocurrencies we see that those changes in the price are not a lot because the market capitalization doens't change that much. That's what they need to look at to write obout this field.

Since the media is related with the governments and controled by them, they will not write good things about crypto because it's not profitable for them. They don't want people to move to crypto to keep following the system and to be always powerless.

They know that if people will keep investing and earning cryto it will be hard to compete with them. Because we will be more wealthy and we may have more influence while they will lose that at all.

So when you see someone writing that bitcoin or crypto is crushing you have to know that they don't know all the details or it's just a manipulation. That's why I think that crypto may save the world because fiat money is mostly to destroy it because of the greed of big companies.


Hello, I see that at the end of the publication it says $ 8. Does that mean that with this single publication you earned 8 dollars?

I think that's all the amount earned from the post. But that's distributed between those who upvote it 50% and me 50%. My 50% also goes the half in steem power and the other in steem and steem dollar. The steem dollar could be easially converted to steem and I will have that in steem. So, you can say that I earned 8/4 and that's $2 in steem and the other $2 goes to steem power that I can withdraw during the power down. The steem power takes 4 weeks to withdraw and every week I will get about 1/4 from it.

Hello friend @luke-gtx, it's not dollars, it's steem, which is the crypto currency of this blockchain.

What happens is that all blockchains use the same symbol to represent their coins.

At payout he earns a total of 4.015 dollars
2 steem dollars and 9.475 steem which is around 2steem dollars. Steem dollars is just a bit higher than USD

Saludos desde Venezuela, me parece correcta tu idea expuesta en este post.

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