The discussion should be polite !

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I'm 35 years old and I met enough people in my life. I think everyone has the right to share his opinion about things. The idea should be respected if it's not causing harm.

The most important is to discuss politely. We all can be right or wrong because we are people. Noone is perfect that's for sure.

I have three diploma and I participated in a lot of conferences. The thing that nobody likes is when people start to call each other with names. In Russian it's called ''transition to personality''. It's when you start to discuss the person himself but not his/her idea.

I can participate in any kind of debate unless the other side will not start to discuss me. In this case I just stop that and move to something else. I don't have time to waste in a discussion that will lead to a conflict. I think that's the best way to be friendly and to not offend anyone.


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That's very insightful. People easily get caught up with insulting or name calling, judging and accusing, when someone has a different opinion. We have not been taught in school how to communicate or resolve conflicts, we have instead been taught to fear differences of opinion and to obey blindly. The minute someone share a different point of view, it shatters our reality, and we cling onto that reality because of trauma.

Just today, there was a conflict during a game with the kids, and Frank and I took the time to explain what was needed and why the phrasing mattered in this situation, to word things in a non accusatory manner to take responsibility for our own feelings.

You are right. I hoped they was teaching the right things in school. They tought us only things we don't need. I'm glad that some people are well educated to deal with other opinions and respect them. I like to be in touch only with such people. Thanks for being so polite and for educating your child and I'm sure that a lot of people learn from you. The more we have people like us in this world, the better it will be. :)