The effect of the moon !

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Since I was a child I loved to look at the moon. It always seems to me that there is a face looking at me from there. Sometimes I see there a face of a smily clown and sometimes a sad face of a man. If you look carefully you may see something else. Even now I enjoy looking at it even if I don't see anything in it.


I also know that the moon has an effect on people.
When it's full it's even has a psychological effect. Some people can even feel bad. Also there are some study that shows that there are more crimes when the moon is full. Maybe the light from the moon has some effect on us.


Some people even say that there are an other side of the moon that's hard to see. There are a lot of theories about that. Maybe that side has that effect, who knows. I just like to look at the moon and I don't know the reason.