The mass media creates fear !

in Freewriters9 months ago



I started to hate the mass media. They are lying a lot and manipulating the crowd. They never write or show the real things happening in the world. Governments control all the madia and tell them what to write. All those are big companies afraid to lose their wealth. If they were free they would say at least the truth or give a hint to people. That's why I prefer to not watch tv at all and to not check famous news in the web. I usually find all the correct infromation in blockchain social media because I'm sure that people are independent there.

This media keep pushing their agenda about the virus and making people afraid of it. They even talk now about other virus in a lot of places. It seems that the agenda about terrorism didn't work well and now they are touching the area of health because most people care about it more. People know that they gonna die someday anyway so they are not that afraid of dying like they are afraid to not be healthy. Because living with a hard disease is horrible. That's why the mass media are playing with this topic.

The problem is that people believe them and some are taking too much precautions. For example I see how healthy people far from other in parks and outside wear those masks and breath their own carbon dioxide causing harm for their health. Especially old people who are already weak somehow and they just harm themselves even more. Mostly they watch tv a lot and that's why it's easier for the mass media to manipulate them. I hate also to see some parents putting that mask on a child. How he/she can have an immune system if not breathing fresh air.

After all we all have to be in touch with each other. That built the collective immune system.