We Finally Have a Community!

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You probably knew before I (Marianne) did that communities are alive on Steemit now. @felt.buzz was on it and sent me a link to create our community, but by the time I tried it, signups were closed again.

This is my long-winded way of saying that I am sorry that it took me so long to create a community for us.

To be honest, I don't know that much how the communities are supposed to work and am hoping that some of us will give us all some guidance. The hive # is hive-161155 and if I did everything right, it should show up as Freewriters in the community section.

I hope you will join and let's learn together how this is going to work.

I think that you have to go here


  • Sign in with your Steem name and your posting key.

  • Go to explore communities

  • Join the Freewriters

  • If you wish, post your freewrites and other writing through the community page.


thanks for your delegation ;) I guess you are already in our discord channel ;)

#Cool! I joined! Now, how to post your freewrites and other writing through the community page. (is anything ever obvious to me...??)

Do I accomplish this if I tag my posts with the hashtag #hive-161155 ...?

no, I think you have to log in with the link I have in the post. Then go into the Freewrite community and there is a button that says post...
We can't schedule anything there but the posts are formatted just like on Steemit...
Thank you so much!!
And believe me - nothing is obvious to me. Ever!

erg! More to learn! Why can't things just stay the same long enough for me to feel like I've got it?
I use naturalmedicine front end (another way to refer to these beta sites I think) to post natural medicine posts. Apparently that helps the community gain exposure.
To do this though, I compose the post in steempeak, which has better tools for writing, then copy and paste it into the publishing tool at the beta site. Please know I have almost no understanding of what this all is.

Yay! I just joined! : )

Thank you!! You are the best!!

Before the Community will show up in the Explore communities section a post will need to be done in the community. For those looking to join right now this link should take you to the Freewriters community page then just click on the SUBSCRIBE box and it will be added to your list of communities.

I thought the post I did was in the community?

Thank you for the info!

It may have just taken time for it to show up in the list, I do see it is listed now.

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Thank you!

Just joined! I was wondering about the Communities. :) Saw a few hives popping up on my feed but I'm exclusively SteemPeak so was waiting for them to implement it into their UI when they were officially released... the normal steem website is so uggghhhh.

I can brave the normal steem website for this though. ;) Woo!! :D

Thank you!! And I am hoping that we will be able to post via steempeak. So much easier!

Glad to see you have a community at beta.steemit.com. I just joined.

Yay!! So happy that you did!

@freewritehouse Thank you so much for this information. Good things will come this 2020.

I hope so!! Come and join the community :)

Great news @freewritehouse and @mariannewest I'll get on it as soon as I have coffee. 😁

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I've been waiting for the freewritehouse community. I've subscribed. I'll plant my first post in it tonight. I'll finish it in steempeak, then copy/paste into our community.

Thanks for creating the community. I was told by PHC owner that if you just utilize the freewrite community hive hashtag and number, you can create outside the beta, as long as you use the hive community as the first tag.

It seems to work because all my posts have been showing up in the PHC community.

I tried the community post with this. Thanks @mariannewest for all that you do!
A little fiction....

I am in :)
Though I must say I so dislike that hive-number number number... so impersonal
But that will be sorted out in time I hope :)

Happy New Year Marianne <33

So glad that you are in!! I hope that the number and all will get sorted out as well. But it might be years lol - they have been slow like turtles. Anyway, hoping to figure that community thing out and see what else they come up with...

And Happy New Year to you!!

I understand HOW to do it, but what are the benefits of having an official community? I'd like to hear some pros and cons on this -- why is this good for us?

That is a very good question. At this point, I really don't know if there is a benefit besides keeping all the Freewrites in one place and when people are on Steem through the community, all they see are the posts of the other community members. So, the focus is on the particular community subject. That makes it easier to find all the freewrites without having to hunt for them all over the place.
Other than that, the only other benefit I can see is that it is a declaration of support maybe.
From what I had heard in the past, Steemit is supposedly developing other functions around the community. Like creating your own tokens, having conversations within the community and such. So far, that is not happening. But who knows.
for now, we are doing it because it is there and then, we see what will happen.

oh, and the cons - at least for me - is that you can only use 8 tags total and, the biggest of them, that you can't schedule posts in advance.

Yey! Happy New Year! I'll go and subscribe to this community too ^_^

Thank you so much!!

Aha hive well it's like what's that tag they are all using? Hive and numbers? After some searching I saw your post. Personally I find it a bit confusing. I thought a tag was already a community? Now you can create a hive? I will do a background on it. If it's a bit confusing for me what would new users think about it? They don't know about the tag search on posts yet. I'm using partiko now.

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It all is still very new and the community function is in Beta. As you can see, it is really new for us as well. The benefits are still unclear as well. From what I can tell, you can sign in with your steem info (name and posting key) on the beta site and join the communities that are already established. Your posts show up in the community if you either post through the community front or use the hive and number tag of the community as your first tag.They show up all over Steem as usual.
But you have to be in the community front to only see the community posts.
The benefit I see is that it is easy to find everyone who is part of that particular community. It prevents tag abuse if you offer upvotes for community members.
For example, in our community, we only want Freewrites to be posted. A while ago, we had a bot owner who gave upvotes to everyone that was using the tag freewrite. Suddenly, all kinds of people used it on all of their posts.
In a community, you can mute members that abuse tags, for example.
Or you can run a contest and it is easy to see the participants.
The biggest disadvantage I am seeing right now is that a post can only appear in one community even though it could be fitting for more than one...

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