I love to freewrite. I took a break for a few months, had performance anxiety about it. Have you tried it? Amazing things come out.
Thanks for your appreciation! And you really did not expect a puppy that was on the move, that had peed probably on this very spot the night before, to let go there again?

Yes I call it autonomous writing, because I go into the zone like with music.
Poetry is my bread and butter of auto writing.
I don't time them, but some I've completed in less than 10 minutes :)

I take breaks too, but mostly because my interests shift a lot. Hobbies galore, how could people ever be bored in this life?

erg. My 100% upvote is STILL below dust level. Oh well. Here's a warm and fuzzy feeling for you then.

Haha, it won't go to dust because I use @dustsweeper.
Thank you, your presence alone gives me a warm fuzzy feeling <3

Oh good I will remember that!!!

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