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For the rest of your life, be a positive, positive person.

I always like to be with positive people, because I am always happy with them, and I will actively seek solutions to problems instead of blaming others or even blaming myself.


Here's a story today:

After the rain, a spider difficult to the wall of the fragmented web to climb, because the wall wet, it climbed to a certain height, will fall down, it again and again to climb, and again and again to fall down...

The first man saw it and sighed and said, "Isn't my life just like this spider? Nothing to do." And he grew depressed.

The second person saw, he was moved by the spirit of the spider repeatedly defeated repeatedly. So he braced himself and became strong.


Positive suggestion will have a good impact on people's emotional and physiological state, stimulate a person's inner potential, give play to people's extraordinary level, make people enterprising, inspiring people to forge ahead.

And pessimistic hint, will only let oneself gradually depressed, become more and more mediocre.

To be a person with positive energy, optimistic and confident to life, can face the joys and sorrows with frankness, can correctly know oneself have self-knowledge, deep to the human life open-minded and inclusive.


A young man went to buy a bowl. When he got to the shop, he picked up one and began to collide with other bowls. But the sound was not clear enough, instead, it was a little dull and turbid.

The shopkeeper asked him, "What's the matter, young man?"

The young man said, "Someone taught me the skill of picking out bowls. When two bowls come together and make a clear and pleasant sound, it can be proved to be a good bowl. But I have tried so many, but the sound is not good enough."

The shopkeeper laughed and handed him another bowl, saying, "Try tapping with this."

The young man is doubtful to try, but found before the voice is not pleasant to listen to the bowl now become clear and sweet, he felt surprised, asked the boss, this is how to return a responsibility.

The boss said: "very simple, what you hold in your hand is inferior, no matter how good the bowl you touch, the sound is dull, but the one I give you is superior, you use it to touch other bowls, the natural sound is good."


As the saying goes: birds of a feather flock together.

People with positive energy are also surrounded by friends with positive energy and negative energy. It is difficult for them to pour out the mud without staining, and they are often taken sideways without knowing it.

To put it simply, the kind of person you are with, the kind of person you become in that environment.