Test 1 “Are you imaginative?"

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"Let's take a mental test. What's you choose?"

  1. Imagine walking through the desert and seeing a box. What kind of box is this? Big or small? "

  2. If there is a ladder next to the box, what kind of ladder is it?"

  3. If there was a storm in the desert, would the rain fall on the box?"

  4. If there are some flowers around the box, are there many flowers, just one, or none? "

  5. If there is a horse around the box, is it standing or lying down?


Here's the answer

  1. This box is for you. The size of the box represents your self-esteem. If you say it's a big box, you're an arrogant person, and a small box means you have low self-esteem

  2. A ladder is your enemy. A strong ladder means you will have a good friend.

  3. Storms represent twists and turns. Raindrops falling on the box means you've been stressed lately.

  4. Flowers represent emotions. You say having a flower means you want to have a child in the future. Many flowers show that you want a sweet love. No flowers. That means you've had a mediocre life lately.

  5. The horse is a state of mind, and the fact that the horse is lying there suggests that you've been having some emotional ups and downs lately. A horse standing up means it's been stable lately.

Is that true? Let me know in the comments

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