Test 11 “Patience”

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If your partner tells you that they don't like watermelon, which reason do you think is more likely?

A. Watermelon feels stuffed when it is full of water

B. Don't like the taste of watermelon

C. Think it is troublesome to eat watermelon and vomit

D) It is difficult to cut


A. Your patience comes from your sense of guilt, because if you are impatient with others, you will blame yourself for losing your temper, so you will ask yourself to be patient. In fact, sometimes you can take it easy, even if not so patient, but also a true expression of temperament.

B. You use a Stoic, then explosive mode with others. It takes a little patience at first, but not too long. If you cross the line of patience, you'll get emotional. You don't like to be talked to urgently or forced to do things because you have more patience with yourself.

C. You pay attention to details and are sensitive to the emotional details of others, so you are meticulous and patient with others. But sometimes that kind of patience on your own ends up being counterproductive. It's easiest to become impatient with yourself and push yourself a little bit to achieve your goals. Please remember to remind yourself to treat yourself better.

D) Generally speaking, you are not very patient with others and yourself. You don't like to wait, and you don't like others to linger. So when you're at a red light, you're always in a hurry to cross first. While this trait can sometimes make you more responsive and productive than others, it can also cause you to miss people and things that require patience.

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