Test 12 “When you are alone...."

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A rare continuous holiday, if you want to participate in travel activities, train is your choice of transportation, in the long journey, what would you expect to see the scene?

A. the tunnel

B. sea

C. forest

D. An endless green plain


A. when you are alone, the most want to sleep, or quickly looking for someone to play, but usually in front of the ingredients higher ruthless, this does not represent you are A hard lazy person, on the contrary, you are active amazing, just want to use only one person's time to have A good rest, make up the energy to play again.

B. When you are alone, when you want to enjoy yourself most, you may have a comfortable or relaxing massage to make your body feel pampered.

C. When you are alone, you want to use this time to have an in-depth journey, such as reading a book or going outside, to read or visit to broaden your knowledge and continue to enrich yourself.

D. When you are alone, you can sort out your long disordered thoughts, or make a phone call to a friend who you usually ignore because of busy, so as to satisfy the feeling of warmth in your heart, which is your greatest happiness.

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