Test 5 "Personality test"

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Everyone's personality is not as general as what we see, many people do not have a deep understanding of their own personality, here are 10 interesting quiz questions, and with the test answers, next to do a personality quiz together, to test your personality.

Note: you can only choose one answer for each question. For your first impression, you will get your score by adding up the points for each answer.

  1. Which fruit do you prefer?
    A. Strawberries( 2 points)
    B. Apples (3 points)
    C. Watermelon (5 points)
    D. Pineapple (10 points)
    E. orange (15 points)

  2. Where do you usually go for leisure?
    A. The suburbs (2 points)
    B. Cinema (3 points)
    C. Park (5 points)
    D. Shopping mall (10 points)
    E. bar (15 points)
    F. singing room (20 points)

  3. Who do you find attractive?
    A. talented person (2 points)
    B. Someone who depends on you (3 points)
    C. People who are elegant (5 points)
    D. a kind person (10 points)
    E. temperament uninhibited people (15 points)

  4. If you could be an animal, what kind of animal would you be?
    A. cats (2 points)
    B. Horse (3 points)
    C. Elephants (5 points)
    D. Monkey (10 points)
    E. dog (15 points)
    F. lion (20 points)

  5. It's very hot, what do you prefer to spend the summer?
    A. Swimming (5 points)
    B. cold drinks (10 points)
    C. Turn on the air conditioner (15 points)

  6. If you had to live with an animal or insect that you hated, which one would you tolerate?
    A. snake 2 points
    B. Pig (5 points)
    C. Rats (10 points)
    D. flies (15 points)

  7. What kind of movies and TV plays do you like?
    A. Suspense reasoning (2 points)
    B. Fairy tale and fairy tale (3 points)
    C. Natural Science (5 points)
    D. ethics and morality (10 points)
    E. battle shootout category (15 points)

  8. Which of the following should you take with you?
    A. lighter ( 2 points)
    B. Lipstick (2 points)
    C. Notepad (3 points)
    D. Paper towel (5 points)
    E. mobile phone (10 points)

  9. What kind of transportation do you prefer when you go out?
    A. Train (2 points)
    B. bicycle (3 points)
    C. Car (5 points)
    D. plane (10 points)
    E. Walk (15 points)

  10. Which of the following colors do you prefer?
    A. purple (2 points)
    B. black (3 points)
    C. blue (5 points)
    D. white (8 points)
    E. yellow (12 points)
    F. red (15 points)

  11. Which of the following sports do you like best (not necessarily good at)?
    A. Yoga (2 points)
    B. bicycle (3 points)
    C. Table tennis (5 points)
    D. boxing (8 poins)
    E .football (10 points)
    F. Bungee jumping (15 points)

  12. If you own a villa, where do you think it should be built?
    A. Lakeside (2 points)
    B. Grasslands (3 points)
    C. Seaside (5 points)
    D. Forest (10 points)
    E. downtown area (15 points)

  13. Which of the following weather phenomena do you prefer?
    A. Snow (2 points)
    B. wind ( 3 points)
    C. Rain (5 points)
    D. fog (10 points)
    E. Thunder and lightning (15 points)

  14. Which floor would you prefer your window to be on in a 30-story building?
    A. seventh floor (2 points)
    B. first floor (3 points)
    C. twenty-third floor (5 points)
    D. 18th floor (10 points)
    E. 30th floor (15 points)

  15. Which of the following cities do you think you would prefer to live in?
    A. Kansas city (1 point)
    B. Orlando (3 points)
    C. Washington (5 points)
    D. New York (8 points)
    E. Chicago (10 points)
    F. Boston (15 points)


[Above 180 points]
Strong willpower, calm mind, a strong 'leadership desire, enterprising, not give up until the goal. You is kind in appearance and proud in heart. You values the interpersonal relationship that is beneficial to other. Rational thinking, a realistic view of love and marriage, the desire for money in general.

[140 points to 179 points]
Intelligent, lively character, good at making friends, deep scheming. Ambitious and eager to succeed. Thinking is more rational, advocating love, but when the conflict between love and marriage will choose to benefit their own marriage. A strong desire for money.

[100 points to 139 points]
Love fantasy, thinking more perceptual, whether and their own compatibility as the standard to choose friends. Character appears more arrogant, sometimes more impatient, sometimes indecisive. Career ambition, like creative work, do not like to follow the routine. The idea of romantic love is often unrealistic. Money desire is average.

[70 to 99 points]
Strong curiosity, like adventure, popularity. Career general, attitude to work, go with the flow, good at compromise. Good at finding interesting things, but less patient, dare to take risks, but sometimes more timid. Long for romantic love, but have realistic requirements for marriage. Poor financial management.

[40 points to 69 points]
The disposition is gentle, heavy friendship, the disposition is dependable sedate, but sometimes also more crafty. You are generally enterprising and can take you own work seriously, but you are not very interested in things other than you major. You like regular work and life and do not like taking risks. You have strong family values and am good at financial management.

[40 points or less]
Match loose, fanciful. Clever, warm to others, love to make friends, but there is no strict selection criteria for friends. Less enterprising, more good at enjoying life, less willpower and patience, go your own way. You have a good relationship with the opposite sex, but you don't insist on love seriously enough. You are easy to compromise and have no concept of property.

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