Test 6 "What are your August fortunes?"

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August brings summer and summer vacation for students, but what is your August fortunes? Take a quiz today.

Follow your first instinct and choose the next card


Choose A
Career: August is a great month, and you'll be expected to lead your team to a prestigious award, or to get support and recognition from people around you. You'll be confident enough to take on challenges, and your abilities will be seen by more people.

Fortune: Because of outstanding performance, you will be rewarded and rewarded. You will also be the one who takes the big part in the team award, which greatly boosts your morale.

Love: Single friends, keep this state, peach will be attracted to you, because you suddenly shine, your charm comes out, people can not ignore, complacent appearance makes you radiant every day, suddenly there are a lot of your fans. Friends with partners want to see each other more, sometimes busy with their own things and ignore each other, although the personal state is good, but must be more considerate of their partners.

Choice B
Career: The career in August makes you feel a bit off chain. The partners seem not to be in the same place. At work, you feel that you always need to compromise and make concessions, which is not so pleasant.

Finances: Cash flow may not be so smooth, investment and financial management always ups and downs, can not catch the rules, but fortunately, not big money, must be cautious investment, not too big action.

Feelings: Single friends, it is possible to meet new people, maybe on the way to travel, maybe you will impulse to start a relationship, it is best to make friends to understand each other before promoting the relationship is not too late. Friends with partners, each other in life and work will have some small friction, each other run in, each other adjust the pace is good, life eating habits, work and rest time can be adjusted.

Choose C
Career: I will strive towards the direction I really want. I will be very aggressive and will not be splashed by the cold water around me. I have faith and action, and I will make a certain breakthrough in my career.

Money: You care more about the process of getting, and the result is just a natural periodic reward for your efforts, so money will show up in your efforts and give you more motivation to keep going.

Love: Single friends, although busy with work, but you will meet the feelings will be very enthusiastic, will not shrink back, it is possible that you will meet a passionate object. Friends who are in a relationship feel passionate, like they're in a relationship, and they want to see each other every day, and it's not just talk about it, but it creates opportunities, and they see each other every day, and it goes really fast.

Choose D
Career: August is a time to think clearly before you start. It's easy to take risks and follow your own path. You're not bound by previous experiences, but you need to be prepared for the problems you'll face once you start.

Finances: Don't care about temporary gains and losses, have the courage to start again, will make decisions for the long-term development of the career, will not be hindered by immediate interests.

Relationship: Single friends, from the beginning of mutual feelings to a realistic basis, no longer so blind only by feeling. Friends who are in a relationship feel very free and relaxed and don't put too much pressure on each other, but don't be too cavalier about it, and be disciplined and principled.

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