Test 7 "How can you improve your academic performance?"

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To see how your academic fortunes are going, pick a card below and see how your academic fortunes can improve.

As usual, please pick a card by feeling


A 】

Star coin attendants are in proper position

The meaning of star coin attendants is to use, attract and make progress. Choose this card of friends, you have their own firm goals in learning, and more studious, but your biggest learning problem is not flexible.

You are always steadfast and earnest in your study. Different from some classmates who are fond of playing and making fun of others, you are also willing to read and study in your spare time. You value the accumulation of knowledge and have a sense of maturity beyond your peers.

Although you like to read books, also willing to study hard, but sometimes you do not know how flexible, even if read a lot of books will not draw analogously, will only follow the book said the inherent method to solve problems.

It is true that hard work is an advantage for you, but if you want to enhance your academic prospects and improve your learning ability, you should learn to abandon traditional learning methods, dare to make breakthroughs, and try to find new angles to solve your homework problems.


The priestess is in reverse

The implications of priestess inversion are greed, irrationality, and pretentiousness. If you choose this card, you overestimate your learning ability. The biggest learning problem is that your attitude is not correct and you tend to be conceited.

Your comprehension skills are probably good and your grades are good, so you don't think you need to work very hard to get good grades just by reading a few books before an exam.

This attitude may lead to a high and low level of academic performance. At first, you rely on your own cleverness to get good grades. However, as the academic difficulty increases, if you don't pay attention to your study, you will soon be overtaken by other students.

If you want to improve your academic luck, you should first correct the problem of conceit, so that you can pay attention to the teacher in class, and ask questions when you don't understand. Don't pretend to know for the sake of face.


The staff attendant is in the right place

Mace - attendant postion means mischief, curiosity, and enthusiasm. The friend who picks this card, you are in the study of three minutes heat, the biggest learning problem is lack of patience.

In life, you are active and fickle. You are full of curiosity about new things and people. You like to travel and explore. You are definitely a man of action, but that personality is not conducive to learning.

It is not easy for you to settle down and immerse yourself in your studies. After a while you get distracted and start playing on your cell phone, video games, or some other form of entertainment.

Therefore, if you want to increase your academic success, you must first stop being playful. It is suggested that you try to turn off your cell phone, computer and other electronic devices while reading or studying to increase your concentration.


The four positive positions of the Grail

The four uprights of the Grail are discontent, coldness, and retreat. If you pick this card, you are tired of learning and withdraw from it. The biggest learning problem is that you are not enthusiastic about acquiring knowledge.

It is easy for you to get bored with school, not because of rebellion or deliberately against parents and teachers, but sometimes you feel that you can't read books into your head, and it is useless to study hard.

The reason for this negative attitude may be that you studied hard but didn't do as well as you expected on a test or exam. You are so disappointed that you lose enthusiasm and confidence in your study.

If you want to enhance your learning momentum, I suggest you set goals for yourself regularly. For example, how many days do you have to solve a learning problem, and then give yourself some small rewards to get back the confidence of learning.

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