Why are Tarot CARDS so scary?

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The divination principle of tarot CARDS is actually very simple. It is mainly to stimulate and guide people's subconscious, memory, associative power, intuition and sixth sense through some symbolic signs and patterns in tarot CARDS, so as to predict various possibilities, development of things and deduce the current state. It is not so much a tool of divination as a mirror of inner feelings.

Yes, the Tarot is a magical companion that helps us understand the future and see our destiny, but the real future is always in our hands.

The result of your divination at that time was only your judgment of the future according to the specific circumstances of your time; But as time goes on, your feelings change and so does your future.

The future is never a certainty.

This is why we have to re-divination every once in a while, as soon as something changes.

Not that tarot's divination is inaccurate, but that the situation is always changing.


For example, some time ago, I met a divination who wanted to get back together. The two parties had been dating for several years, but the man proposed to break up suddenly, which was unacceptable to the diviner, so I asked for my divination to see how to get back together.

Tarot CARDS could not bring them back together, but she could see through divination how she could get back together with him.

Trust me, the tarot CARDS are accurate, and don't let your pain blind you.

Destiny lies in heaven, but destiny lies in man. We are fully capable of changing any situation and putting the future back on track. Tarot, on the other hand, is just analyzing what's going to happen over a certain period of time and divination.


As for the accuracy of the Tarot card, it is only when we open our hearts to trust and rely on it that you are likely to experience it.

  1. The Tarot CARDS actually act as a spiritual guide for us, bringing our subconscious to the surface and making us clear, so that we can follow the right choices in our hearts, but we hesitate constantly, with high accuracy.

  2. The Tarot is your partner. You should not take it as a tool, and it is better not to lend your tarot to others.

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