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Aha hive well it's like what's that tag they are all using? Hive and numbers? After some searching I saw your post. Personally I find it a bit confusing. I thought a tag was already a community? Now you can create a hive? I will do a background on it. If it's a bit confusing for me what would new users think about it? They don't know about the tag search on posts yet. I'm using partiko now.

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It all is still very new and the community function is in Beta. As you can see, it is really new for us as well. The benefits are still unclear as well. From what I can tell, you can sign in with your steem info (name and posting key) on the beta site and join the communities that are already established. Your posts show up in the community if you either post through the community front or use the hive and number tag of the community as your first tag.They show up all over Steem as usual.
But you have to be in the community front to only see the community posts.
The benefit I see is that it is easy to find everyone who is part of that particular community. It prevents tag abuse if you offer upvotes for community members.
For example, in our community, we only want Freewrites to be posted. A while ago, we had a bot owner who gave upvotes to everyone that was using the tag freewrite. Suddenly, all kinds of people used it on all of their posts.
In a community, you can mute members that abuse tags, for example.
Or you can run a contest and it is easy to see the participants.
The biggest disadvantage I am seeing right now is that a post can only appear in one community even though it could be fitting for more than one...