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What makes up for a good story? or a movie for that matter?

I am a writer. Well if you go by my average, I sit in front of a laptop or phone and start typing something every 15days. So yeah!! I have been writing for past 2 year and I consider myself a writer. In that period I have done many post all originals. Couple of stories and couple of shitposts from the bottom of my heart. Most of them were movie reviews, very few of which I liked.

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But as I keep going with movie after movie, I understood something. That no matter how bad the end product (Movie) is, It is still a product of someones hardwork, Its a dream of someone. Little bent, little misguided but a dream nonetheless. And from that moment one I started looking for things that were good and that were awful.

Coming back to the point. There was a point when I was fed up with the boring Bollywood movies. I few will hit the mark but still I have to go through a ton of garbage to get there. So I decided that I will write a story myself. (I know I may not finish it, but I am going to give it a try anyway…) But before jumping into the game and breaking the rules I wanted to know the rules. I observed these unwritten rules over these movies which makes things predictable. If I have to explain. I was at that point where I can see ahead of the movies. I was able to predict the characters next move, the jumpscares, the worst was the killer. It feels like superpower to have but its not. You cannot enjoy a movie if you what is going to happen next. So I want to have a story where the situations are unpredictable. And even if someone is able to predict the outcome the delivery must be a satisfying one.

And there was my first mistake.

I haven’t even started the story or script. And I am Okay with it being predictable. This is a major problem I feel. Because in my opinion it puts a lot of pressure in other elements. If I am writing a thriller, I would keep the suspense till the very end. Because that’s the strength of the genre. Of course there are movies which breaks the rule but then again they have plot to assist them in there goal. Here I havn’t even decided with my genre and I lost it.

I need to cool off and try again…

Hello Everyone, I am @inuke. I love movies, TV, anime ads basically any video that is played on the TV and mobile. With exception to the tiktok and other such things. And this is my first ever post where I putting forth my understanding of films. I am no expert in this subject so feel free to correct me. And share your opinions. Which is also an open invite to discuss more #engagerage (@whatamidoing). I know @vincentnijman would have a few pointers to give, But he is currently unavailable. Hoping for him to join soon.


Some people like the predictability and being able to guess what's coming, guess they enjoy that "superpower"? Or maybe just feel safe when their expectations are met, as i've known people who were enraged when a movie surprised them, not because it was badly done but because it didn't meet their expectations (I don't know what they're like now but way back in uni days some of them were generally difficult to get on with at the best of times).

I otherwise think I understand your mood there, I remember a time when I enjoyed watching movies and then I got incredibly bored because it seemed like everyone my age who got into movies decided to make very expensive fan films and everyone that had been in movies for longer became ultra conservative and decided to cling to a formula that was proven to make money and not risk trying anything else in case it failed. I don't even mind things being predictable or "done" as long as it was done well, but things were just boring.

But yes everything is someone's baby and I hope they at least had fun making it regardless of how it turned out and whether or not other people liked it or not XD

I prefer character driven stories personally. If the characters are done really well I don't even care if the plot is the most boring and bland thing in the history of all plots.

Or maybe I'm just saying that because I'm heavily relying on my characters to carry a boring plot XD

You should probably write first and lose it afterwards, and then fix what you wrote ;D

I think it's the character that makes the stories interesting.
You actually relate to character not the story. Story is something that is happening to the character and if the character is boring and one dimensional it doesn't matter if it's the origin story of a superhero.

Actually my experiences has invoked several questions in my mind regarding movies. Storytelling to be precise and I intend to find the answers...

As one animated character said 'You are the hero of your own story'

What kind of questions...or are they just coming up in posts? :D

Like how to engage audience... Hahaha... ;-)

Jokes aside.
I am actually trying to put each question in the posts along with the answers.
And this time I am little more disciplined than I usually am, which is never. I am maintaining a journal on these thoughts and trying to build some posts around it. Just for the sake of experiment.

It's been a while since I planned and failed at something so here we go..


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Just clean the slate and write down what you feel and you can create magic. You can do it. Your stories prove your worth. If it helps, start with the five minutes @freewrite

Actually I am not wiping the slate clean as much as going back to the basics. Like an earlyman telling stories to his tribe.

At this moment I am exploring the fundamentals of the the storytelling. I have to get the part clear before I start criticizing anyone.

To be honest, I am finding the learning more fun than blindly going in the cinemas and calling out the movies bulls#it. I now watch movies in new light and that itself is very refreshing to me. But of course it comes with a price... It's like having the superpowers for the first time where you can't control it and keep flying into the buildings. Blasting your house or something of that sort.

My focus tends to shift to the mistake immediately and that spoils the scene for me...

Hoping that I will gain more control in near future.


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