Be Careful What You Ask For: Day 801: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: chocolate cake

Image by huntlh from Pixabay


Day 801: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: chocolate cake

My oldest sister was the nicest person you'd ever want to meet. She stood 5'11" and was a wonder to behold. She was almost taller than our oldest brother. And when she spoke, we younger siblings listened.

She possessed such a generous, quiet spirit. So I just couldn't understand what happened that day for her to turn on us. Well, I must admit, she didn't turn on everyone. Just me.

I would constantly follow my oldest sister around asking her questions about her life. She was five years older than me, so I figured she knew everything there was to know about everything.

She was assigned to babysit us. That wasn't in her plans as she pleaded with our parents to allow her train at a local restaurant to become a chef. Her passion for cooking was obvious. And, she would volunteer to perfect her cooking skills with her younger siblings as taste testers. I never ate anything I didn't like, until that fateful day.


Image by skeezefrom Pixabay


Image by skeeze from Pixabay

She knew I loved chocolate, especially chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies. If I couldn't get those two, I'd settle for a plain Hershey Chocolate Bar.

I never understood what went through her mind that day. Maybe it was a culmunation of thinking her dreams were slipping away by having to babysit her younger siblings, or maybe she just got tired of me following her around asking her questions. Or maybe a combination of both that sent her over the edge.

Whatever it was, all I know is that when she woke up that morning, I asked her if she would bake me a chocolate cake.

The cake looked and tasted delicious. She told me that she made it special for me. I was so excited that I had a cake all to myself. And it wasn't even my birthday.

Image by huntlh from Pixabay

About an hour later, my stomach started to hurt something fierce. And it kept on hurting the rest of the day and into the night. I had diahhrea and vomiting, until I was dehydrated.

Of course, that didn't sit too well with our mom when she found out my sister's secret ingredient was 2 bars of Ex-Lax instead of Hershey bars. So she never asked my sister to babysit us again. And that was exactly what my sister had hoped for!

My sister lived to see her passion realized as she became a sous chef. Once grown, we would laugh about the episode. Whenever I see a Hershey's bar, I think about that beautiful chocolate cake she made. But that didn't stop me from loving it, chocolate chip cookies, and Hershey Chocolate Bars to this day.



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.

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That was a very mean thing to do! But I am glad that you didn't loose your love for chocolate.

Yes, it was. I told my sister that she could have thought of another way to get out of babysitting. Then she responded that maybe I shouldn't have eaten the WHOLE cake within one hour. That may have contributed too, lol.

Anyway, she said she didn't mean to kill me or anything, just shut me up from asking her so many questions and following her around all the time, lol.

Isn't that what big sisters are for, though. Have a great day.

hahaha - I guess, she had a point. Eating a whole cake is quite an achievement!!

yes, it was. there's just never enough time to write the whole story. And because I'm longwinded, I delve into lots of details. Sometimes I just have to cut it short. Then I think of what happened afterwards, lol.

Funny thing about memories, though. You sometimes forget your part in the story as a contributing factor, lol.

That was not a good deed she did to you @justclickindiva, but nice that you both got over it in time, eating the whole thing might have also contributed too, but I also think your parents have some blame for not letting her work at the restaurant, keep up your great writing, it's awesome.

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Yes, upset sister, greedy me, and unrelenting parents all combined to make a not-so-delicious chocolate cake. All's well that ends wells, I say. And I stopped eating a whole least not at one sitting.

Thanks for including me in your Awesome daily post. I appreciate the support and exposure.

Have a great day.

Thank you very much @justclickindiva, I am glad that it all got solved for the best, keep up your awesome writing.

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@justclickindiva Your sister love you very much. :-)

Yes, she did. She was just young and didn't know how to go about fulfilling her dreams at the time. But she eventually did. And she was an awesome chef. She has passed away, and the entire family misses her. Especially her cooking :)