Let's Talk

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Let's sit and talk to you!
Recall the memories of the past which tell us a lot and want to learn something.

By reuniting those memories, we cry together once again.
Remembering that happy moment, we once again smile together.

Let's sit and talk Relive some old memories once again.
Have you forgotten what you promised to follow?
By remembering that promise, we are once again heartsick.

The distance that some of the silent people had brought between us, today we fight once again by arguing,
Fault was neither yours nor ours, today we believe it.

Remember the past moments let's sit and talk,
I will not be able to hear and you will not be able to speak, Also know.

By removing resentment, we clear our hearts again today,
We enjoy the happy moments together again like before,
Let us remember some sour and some sweet moments.
Let's sit together and have a talk...






Hello @KaySmile44!! Now it's me commenting on your poem of today. I must say that I'm glad to see your progress from the first days to this point. In this journey you have touched several ways of expression and a true art. In your words one can find a deep personal experience and the music of the concepts. You have no fear to say what's needed!! Congratulations on your great work!!

I want to ask you to please visit the last report: Week 09 (Evaluation), and share some thoughts on the discussion on the progress, information and new activities of the Knitrias Project. Hope to hear your suggestions there!!

Best wishes for life and projects @KaySmile44!!

Knitrias Project
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Lovely piece

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I really enjoyed your poem!
I think it's really important for us to never forget all the things that we were able to enjoy throughout our life, but also to learn and bare in mind all those that left a scar on us. Our personality now is shaped with those past experiences, and being aware of this is vital. Thanks for your words!

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