The 3 Prompt Weekend Freewrite - 7/11/2020

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Hello, Weekend Freewriters.

We are trying to do something new. The three prompts are in one post now - there is lots of space between them. No peeking 😉

Weekend FreeWrite - The First Sentence - scroll down for the prompt

As many of you know, the weekend freewrite is a different beast if you do the three prompt option. Have fun!!

And remember - you always can do a single prompt. Look for the red graphics.

If this is the first time you came upon one of our freewrite posts click here to read the original post.

This is the process: You get a prompt. You set a timer and start writing, without thinking, without stopping. Write for 5 min about whatever that prompt brings to mind.

This is how the weekend freewrite is different. You get 3 prompts and write 5 minutes on each prompt creating one story.


Prompt First Sentence: Aunt Zell and Uncle Ash were leaving as I brought the puppy downstairs next morning

  • Set timer: 5 Minutes
  • Write down the prompt sentence:
  • This is your first sentence. Continue writing the story presenting itself to you.
  • Continue writing without stopping
  • Then scroll down for the second prompt - no peaking!!

The second prompt is- The interference. It will direct your story in a new direction. Write for 5 more minutes.

If you haven't finished the first prompt - stop!!

Write 5 minutes on the first prompt before continuing!!

Did You Finish the First Prompt_.png

Promise, you finished the first prompt before looking!


Okay, it is time for the second prompt

Oh gosh, that's right. I keep forgetting. You still just seem like you. Not....

You know what to do

  • Set your timer again and write for 5 more minutes.
  • Write a continuation of the story you started.
  • When finished, scroll down for the next prompt.

The third part is a dramatic twist. Continue writing where that prompt takes you but still creating one story. Write for 5 more minutes.

Did You Finish the First Prompt_.png

Did You Finish the First Prompt_.png

You promise? You wrote 10 minutes so far - using the first two prompts?

Okay, here is the third one


Prompt: the day I killed 100 mosquitos

  • Write 5 more minutes wherever the story will take you.
  • Fix your spelling and such.
  • Publish your post - preferably in the Freewrite Community
  • Use #freewrite and #weekendfreewrite
  • Leave a link to your post in the comments of this post.

As always, don’t judge your writing and just see where it will take you.

Did You Finish the First Prompt_.png

More Explanation

When we tried this for the first time, I was asked some good questions about this thing - this weekend freewrite.

That made me realize that this kind of prompt writing might feel very weird if you haven't been taking writing classes or have been around a writing community

Here is a bit more of an explanation: The several prompt-approach to freewriting is an exercise to take us out of what our usual thinking pattern and open new neuropathways in a sense. It forces us out of our comfort level and we write in a style or genre or about topics we never would on our own.

A second prompt makes us explore a completely new direction and challenges us to connect the story.

The third prompt forces us to once again to shift directions and figure out how to bring this story together and to an end.

It is kind of like driving to work on a familiar road. But suddenly, there is a detour and we end up driving through new neighborhoods and seeing all kinds of amazing things we never knew were there.

We often get stuck in shoulds and what we were told by a parent or teacher what a story, or writing, needs to be like...... you fill in the blanks. Or we just write that what we are familiar with.

This kind of freewrite helps to open the creative forces and let go of any restrictions we put on ourselves...

Writers, please use the hashtag #weekendfreewrite as one of your tags.
If this is your first weekend - use the hashtag to see some fabulous examples of past week's freewrites!!


Make sure you visit the Freewrite House!!!




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