Overthinking An ART Of Creating Problems | Overthinking is the worst Enemy !!!!!!!!!

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Overthinking is something we all do at some point, but if you are getting lost in your thoughts often, known that you are not alone. Therapy can be useful to find out why you are overthinking so frequently, identify triggers that may cause your overthinking, and figure out ways to stop overthinking every time.

  1. Sleeping is so hard when you can't stop overthinking.
  2. Overthinking only creates problem that never gonna happen.
  3. Overthink can mess with your beautiful life.
  4. Focusing on worst-case scenarios either involving yourself or the ones you love.
  5. Worrying about future tasks and/or goals until they feel almost impossible to accomplish.
  6. By setting goals too big, your anxious mind may overthink things.
  7. Start to notice when you're having rumblings of an anxiety attack. Then, try to get out of there. Often, anxiety and overthinking can be prevented, especially if you know what the triggers are.


Overthinking is a behavior that could occur at any time. For someone who has anxiety or any type of anxiety disorder, it can easily have the symptom of overthinking as well. The anxiety and the worry that you have over different situations and different obstacles in your life can quickly turn into overthinking and wondering about what you should do or how you could stop bad things from happening. The truth is, you can't stop all bad things from happening and you can't stop yourself from every bad decision. What you can do is get help.

If you've been struggling to stop overthinking it may be helpful to seek professional treatment. You can find help in many ways, but a convenient and private place to start is via an online counseling site like BetterHelp.com. There, you will find access to licensed counselors ready to help you overcome your struggles with an overthinking. You don't have to stop your thoughts by yourself. Trust an online therapist to guide you toward a healthier way of thinking about your life, and living your life in healthy ways every day.

With online therapy, you'll be able to communicate with a licensed, confidential mental health provider without having to worry about going to a facility or even being seen by anyone but the therapist themselves. You can feel more comfortable because you're in a setting that you feel best in, your home. Not only that but you're going to have control over what's going on. All of this can make it easier for you to open up and for you to start your healing journey alongside your therapist. All you need to do is find the right one.


What Is The Root Cause Of Overthinking?

Everyone thinks. It's a mental activity that determines how things physically manifest with respect to decision making, action among other things. People don't think the same which explains the big differences in individual living status. Thinking can go beyond normal. You may ruminate excessively on issues and this may result in dread, fear, depression, and anxiety.

There are factors responsible for thinking too much. Some of these may include:


You may have a problem overthinking about what other people will think if something goes wrong. Being too sensitive about what other people will think may lead to overthinking.

Lack of Confidence and low self-esteem

Several people are trapped in overthinking because they lack the confidence to face some mistakes in their ways, so they spend too much thinking about them.


If you consistently assume problems on yourself with no possible solutions, you may begin to think too much on them.


Overthinking may be caused by getting trapped in the fantasy world of useless situations that may not come into reality. If you may end up overthinking if you're thinking about the impossible. You must leave this field and be real.


If you are anxious about some specific situations, you may start to overthink which may result in the feeling of emotional or physical illness.
Continuous Worry: Incessant rumination on who you are and comparing your achievement with that of others may lead to overthinking.