Gremlin, a Freewrite

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"There you are! Graham Wild came out of nowhere like a gremlin. "We are in a private room."

Lucy was madly trying to finish up her semester project for creative writing class. Having put the dang thing off for the very last minute, she'd dropped quite a bit of speed the night before, and was writing furiously. The story was not making any sense.

To make matters worse, came a knock at the door.

Nobody was there. A tiny whoosh of something or other brushed against Lucy's calf. She suddenly felt like she was no longer alone.

Back to the typewriter she went. The clacking started up again, but now a bit slower, less frenzied.


"Make that ball hit the boy behind you."

Was that tiny tinny voice in her head? Or was someone, something, else in the room with her? After a moment's distraction, she went back to writing her story of a medical exam gone terribly wrong.

"Make that ball hit the boy behind you." Again.

So she wrote it into her story. Why not?

Graham picked up the dietary guidelines that twerpy know it all dietician had left for him, wadded it up, and tossed it over his shoulder at his buddy Tom, who was trying to find some way to plug in his phone to charge it. This was always one of the most difficult tasks in a hospital room, finding somewhere to charge your electronics.


"Totally lame darling. I suggest you give it up. You are soooo going to fail that course."

The tiny tinny voice again. It was early morning, she'd been writing shit for 7 hours straight, and she was coming down from her high. Some mischievous imp had entered the room and wanted her to fail the class. She started looking around. She would find that little fucker and strangle it, even though she was tired as all hell.

"Here!" She darted to her right. "Here!" She spun to her left. "Here!" she lunged at her bed.

More softly, "here..." her head hit her pillow. "Here, here, now, now" the tiny gremlin in her dream smiled, and explained in its tiny tinny voice that it was fine to not turn in the story on time. She would come clean with the professor, try again sober, and write a great story.

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This is my entry to @mariannewest's daily freewrite challenge. Saturday has a special three prompt option, each prompt allotted 15 minutes. No peeking at the prompt coming up. Today's prompts are in bold. Lucy's story is in italics.

My story is throughout this story, as my story usually is in my freewrites, and I ought to be listening to my gremlin's advice myself. Imagination to the rescue!!!

I switched up my method a bit this time. Normally I write for 4:30, then take as long as I like proofreading but not changing the content. This time, I wrote for three minutes, then spent two minutes proofreading. Very few changes have been made outside of a total of 15 minutes.

Come check out the @freewriters community if you haven't already. There is something here for everyone. We are a fabulous entry point for newbies. Anyone can do this! Actual humans read and support your posts! Cool contests to win everlasting upvotes!

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Is this Graham Wild and he must be one interesting gremlin and it's coz he keeps bothering her while she is busy with her writing with her assignment guys. The movie was a hit before but wasn't able to watch this movie guys. What I can remember is they will multiply when the Grimlins are wet with water guys.

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