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I received a love letter today! My first in decades! It's not every day that a little old lady receives a love letter. Is the frequency of love letters inversely proportional to age?

Back to my love letter. More love, less math. Math is a bummer after all and love, well, sometimes love is a bummer too, but...

Back to my love letter! The fellow actually said, among other things

In truth, you are fairer to me
than any flower.

I had no one to tell for some time, until @mariannewest provided the perfect prompt, fair, for me to tell all the world!

To be honest, this love letter was a post by a freewriter freewriting. He started his freewrite off with

Today's #freewrite is dedicated to @owasco. O waw r u ever going to be pissed when u see this.

He and I had gotten very chummy in print, are very appreciative of each others' freewrite and poetry skills, and have more than once written poetry together. He is less than half my age.

I was not pissed. I felt something closer to bliss.

I pulled it together and responded to his gushing, mushy, no holds barred love letter thus:

I am verklempt!
and hope you never see
how unkempt
I truly be

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This is my entry to @mariannewest's daily freewrite challenge. Today's prompt is fair.

Come write with @freewriters community! Anyone can do this! We have been attracting quite a few new writers lately. This community is perfect for newbies - actual people read and support your work!!!

Cool contests too!


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You do bring them to the yard.

Hey, um, sorry for throwing such a technical question into your comment section (I know math is a bummer all right), but will you please show me how to do the whole "Image Source" thing?

I only ever did that once and I completely forgot.

hahahahaha! So funny that someone is asking me. Find a good markdown guide. Some of the commands can be found under the question mark at the top right of your publishing tool when you are creating a new post. I used to have a link to a great markdown guide, but it doesn't function anymore.

this post has good instructions for making columns.

For links I put what I want to show in brackets [like this] followed by the url for the link in regular parentheses. It's super simple.

hey thanks for entertaining me. tbh I must've been suffering a massive brain-fart last night when I asked you that question, becuz I already have a great Markdown guide linked to my blog for reference (which I completely forgot was there) and I a-little-while-later remembered how to do the old [] () thing (which is super easy and simple).

I needed to do this for a contest on Writing & Reviews

Wish me luck!

I've been trying to get in on that community some, but it seems pretty difficult to gain traction there. It doesn't help that I started the whole "Movie Talk" thing and then disappeared. In reality I've been working on my third installment of "Movie Talk" for over a week now, and I just can't seem to get it right. Ahh well -- sometimes it comes easy and other times it doesn't.

But enough about me. What does your day look like, my friend?

It is always nice to hear from ye.

I could use that link if you wouldn't mind.

I have a voice lesson at four!!!! I'm learning how to sing. My teacher is now the amazing David Budway himself, and boy am I learning a lot. I also get to perform at his club at piano bars, with my teacher at his magnificent Steinway, in the room where we have our lessons, using the same mic. I never would have gotten up the nerve to sing in public if I hadn't managed to secure him as my teacher.

So today is a very good day, and instead of writing, I will be getting ready for my lesson by learning a new song "Blackberry Winter".

my teacher is now the amazing david budway himself, and boy am i learning a lot.


That's pretty nifty that you'd get involved in something like that. Maybe someday you'll sing in one of donatello's singing competitions.

I had an interesting day yesterday. First off, I requested from my friend KG that instead of having that little box next to my name when I post in the Stars community that says "official Stars community member" that he would grant me the title ISMG instead. And he most gracefully did. This makes me very happy.

On the other hand, someone I follow made a post in the Steemit Nursery and as a result of commenting on said post, the Nursery slapped me with the label "Baby." Now, Miss Owasco, you are the only one who I will countenance calling me such-and-such a name. Needless-to-say I will never subscribe to that community.

But at least, as you can see, I got some dancing in before bedtime.

P.S. if you want to see my new Stars title in action, follow the link below ;)


It took my HOURS to get that joke. Except, have I been called a bitch?

It took my HOURS
To get that joke. Except, have
I been called a bitch?

                 - owasco

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Nice image and must be fun to have love letters from many friends and the phrase you wrote is very nice though it's just short but it has nice lines as well. I am fond of choosing nice quotes too from the internet and I post it on my wall and me and my friends had a fine time with it. There are love quotes, friendship quotes, heart break quotes and motivational quotes guys.

oh this is much better than the one I had. Thanks!!!

Oh my dear Miss S.,

I'm so glad I remembered to send you that link. I forgot becuz as you may suspect my creative energy has been booming recently, perchance even getting a lil frenetic.

But don't worry I'm sure the White Coats will catch up with me sooner-than-later like they always do -- at which point they will lock me up and drug me down and you won't hear hide-nor-hare from me for a minimum of two weeks.

They haven't administered any lobotomies on me as yet, but I know they're tempted by the thought of it. Regardless and regardless, even if they do lobotomize me, william8wayward ISMG will still have twice the mind of any White Coat PhD and might-I-add Esquire.

I sincerely hope we can both be in agreement upon this albeit boastful claim, my friend~

P.S. I am of the opinion that yesterday's "espresso machine" freewrite was my best one yet. I would love to hear how you recieved it. 💜

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