The Little Old Lady and Her Hogweed, a Freewrite

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At the first sound of the siren, she reached for the dart gun she kept secreted in her sock at all times. A quick load of a hogweed laden dart, and she was ready.

There were two types of men who came to her door. The first type would drive right up her driveway, blip their sirens just to let her know they were the sort of men who had the authority to drive around with sirens. She rarely needed a dart gun to deal with this type. She would tidy up quickly, great them affably at the kitchen door, let them take a good long look at the only room in the house that wasn't covered with contraband (mugwort, mullein, and tobacco this particular night), and make like a good, law abiding, little old lady.

"Yes, officer"
"Of course officer"
"Here is my ID officer".

They'd soon be on their way.

Tonight the siren was the siren the earth made when a human bent on harm was making his way through the hogweed surrounding her property on three sides.

She was ready.

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This is my entry to @mariannewest's daily freewrite challenge. Today's prompt is siren.

I sure wish I'd had more time! If anyone would care to finish my little story, there's a prize in there for you. I'm rolling in the steem these days, and I wanna give some away.

Come write with us! Anyone can do this! We have attracted quite a few new writers recently. This community is perfect for newbies - actual people read and support your work!!! Cool contests with multiple winners, in both English and Spanish! Prizes just for entering!


Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay


Wow, "good old lady" but be careful ...
Complete story in a short time.
I liked.


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Thank you!!!

I think this works as a standalone vignette. I did enjoy @deeanndmathews conclusion of it as well, especially because she gave us more info on how hogweed could be used for defense.

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