Good and Bad of Social media in our society

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In today’s world, technology has taken over most of the earth, which has helped and also mislead us in many ways. There have been different inventions that have replaced the ways things were done in the days of the old when there was little or no access to technology. For instance, people were made to send letters back then in the olden days, but as at now telecommunications were established and has reduced the stress. That is one positive change that technology has made to our present world.

One of the famous technologies that have been in use for some time now is social media. Social media is a platform where we get to interact with different people in different parts of the world, making friends, liking pictures, commenting on posts and other stuff. All these interactions can be done by simply installing a social media app, setting up your profile, sending friend requests and following people.

Now the question is, how has this affected the present generation? It has affected it positively and also negatively. Looking at the positive aspect.



Information and communication are one of the basic things that help us as individuals. This has been one thing that social media offers. People use their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media app and they see feeds about technology, political news, entertainment, education and other forms of information that enables them to be current on different happenings around them. They also get to see and learn various views about information’s from different people and they get to express theirs by commenting. All these reduce ignorance about things happening. For instance, in the recent case of the murder of George Floyd, I have seen videos about the incident and I was able to know the fact about it even when I’m in Nigeria and this case happened in the US. This also gave people the right to express their views on what was supposed to be done to the policemen involved. And it also created awareness about what was happening in the US.


The social media has been very useful in the aspect of marketing. In a situation whereby millions and billions of people are engaged with social media. This gives more room for manufacturers and inventors to advertise their products and get more customers. To improve their business.


The social media helps people to meet with others and share views. Also, it makes people know each other and build up a positive relationship.
Now there are other positive things that social media impacted in our world today but just to mention a few as written above.

We also have bad aspects of social media.



There have been reported cases of crime that has ravaged the world and most times the primary cause is birthed from social media. Cases of rape, kidnap and also killings have been reported to have a link with social media. In a case whereby a person interacts with a stranger on Facebook for example and the next thing is that the stranger would want to hook up with the person posing to be a friend and when the person finally agrees it becomes that the Facebook friend has a completely negative ulterior motive. This has happened on many occasion and it has led to the death and destruction of many lives.


Many investments have been lost through social media. Whereby a fraudster could hack into your social media account and get vital information’s to scam the user and get away with money and investment. That is why it not advisable to put some of your personal information on social media. Many have had a taste of this bad experience and their stories are not good at all.


Many likes have been influenced negatively through social media. Especially when it comes to pornography many links on social media leads to raw videos and if a user does not have self-control it could cause addiction, which is one problem in social media that has affected the lives of many especially youths.



One of the major negative effects of social media is addiction. Social media has this kind of feeling that could make one online for so many hours without even knowing it. There are times you will set a to-do list but once online and receive messages you tends to get carried away by those social chats and news. This is really on a bad aspect of social media because it has affected people a lot, especially youth. Nowadays you hardly see a youth without their phones and on most occasions, they are on social media Instead of investing their time to profitable things.
Many other influences weren’t listed. I believe that social media is a general platform of value. But what you feel like doing with it determines its effect on you. In life, we tend to make decisions and I believe we will all prefer positive ones. So choose wisely and do what is best for you and will also profit you.



Everything with advantages has it's other side. As sweet as social media is in society, it has some sour taste too. This post is extensive and well written. Keep posting quality content on steem. Your post has been curated from the @steemcurator05 account. Thanks.

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