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What is a drug?

Drug addiction is a mental and physical reaction that is harmful to a person through the interaction of a living person and the drug he or she is using. Drugs are substances that cause significant negative changes in the physical and mental condition of the person and increase the dependence on the substance as well as the desire to take the substance.

What is meant by drug addiction.

Drug addiction means drug addiction and addiction. Bidi, cigarettes, tobacco, cigars, alcohol, marijuana, charas, opium, marijuana, heroin, phencidyl, yaba, etc. are called drugs. These are very terrible types of addiction, if you are addicted to this drug, no one can get rid of easily. Our body has its own immunity. Because any disease germ enters the body, it cannot easily harm the body. But there are some harmful viruses that can completely destroy the body's immune system.

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Above I have discussed with you about drugs and the harmful effects of drugs. If there is any mistake, please forgive me. Thank you. All will be well. Assalamu Alaikum.

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Walaikum assalam bro I hope you are well. A very good post has been written. Drug is not good for health at all. I wish those who use drugs also understand this and take care of their health.🙂

yes sister you have spoken very nicely thank you you will be fine.

Yes sister you have
Spoken very nicely thank
You you will be fine.

                 - rabibulhasan71

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