I Spy With My Little Eye

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Beautiful blue eyes or beautiful brown eyes but what if each eye is a different color? Would you call them beautiful?

Today oddities are praised rather than ridiculed as they were when I went to school. For E.G. I had flaming red hair and often called carrot top and affectionately called Rusty or Red. I really didn’t mind but it seemed everyone with anything different than the norm was picked on and made feel they didn’t fit in.

To get back to crazy eyes or odd-eyed....There was a girl a few grades ahead of me in school who two different colored eyes. One eye was blue and the other hazel.

I heard it whispered around the school about this girl with two different colored eyes. I remember seeing her in the girls’ washroom and trying to look at her eyes without being obvious. She was a pretty girl and the two different colored eyes were beautiful.

With today’s advancements, contact lens would hide the condition but why bother. I’d I had two different colored eyes I would embrace it and enjoy the surprise on stranger’s faces when they looked at me.

Our eyes are usually the first thing people see when they look at us. Elizabeth Taylor was suppose to have unusual violet colored eyes. I read when she was born she never opened her eyes for two weeks and when she did they were this surprisedly lovely violet.

Even crossed eyes can be corrected. I know a few people who had one eye that seemed to have a mind of it’s own. They had it corrected with surgery.

Bug-eyed, crazy-eyed , odd-eyed or cross eyed, to see is a gift we should never take for granted.

...end of five minute freewrite with prompt Crazy Eyes.

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Note: The condition of two different eye colors is known as Heterchromia Iridum and can occur in animals as well as humans. It only occurs in about 1 % of the population and can be inherited or caused by injury or disease.

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Really great freewrite. Very important topic. It seems to me that despite the grwoing efforts to make people more accepting of differences, kids will continue struggling with bullying and discrimination, even if they are "perfect", let alone if they have some sort of "physical defect".
I think that humanity is incurable when it comes to accepting differences and seeign beauty everywhere. Maybe one day someone will impose homonegization as a rule, as it has ben depicted in so many dystopic texts.

Thanks @hlezama! It would be boring if we were looking alike but that might stop the bullying and discrimination.

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I had a cat with two different coloured eyes once. I thought it was pretty striking, but he was also a cat.

It's a good thing that we've begun to appreciate oddities rather than ridicule them. Maybe as a species we're not so hopeless after all!

Neat! I would love to have a cat with two different colored eyes @wwwiebe.

It must be part of our evolution as human beings that we are starting to enjoy all the differences in each other instead of ridiculing them.

The phenomena that is such eyes is rare amongst us. But there has been a case or two that dragged controversy amongst our society couple of times. But for us, it's when one has coloured eyes... long ago it was affiliated with taboos and bad luck.

Then it became a thing as the effects of interracial relationships and marriages. Everyone wanted a child with a set of coloured eyes. But it was always interesting when the parents are both African and their child had coloured eyes. Today, we understand it happens when our iris doesn't have melanin.

I can see why it would be unusual and really beautiful if both parents, being African, to have a child with colored eyes. I’m glad it is not longer considered bad luck and there is a reason for it happening.

Nice free writing of different eyes with different thinking.

I wonder how she felt about her two colored eyes? So many of the things I hated about myself I now love. Nice freewrite

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Hi @owasco. I have a feeling she didn’t like it - being singled out as looking different than her peers at a young impressive age. I hope later she realized she was special.

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I love to spy with both eyes Hahahah

Haha. It’s always good to have two working eyes.

If I had had two different colored eyes, I would have boast of it because it is rare and people will stare in amazement.

I think it all depends on your reaction towards how people view you.

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I think two different coloured eyes would look great on you. It’s important to be happy with yourself and never get influenced by what others say about you.

This is a really good five minute freewrite @redheadpei! In my elementary grades, there was a boy who had an artificial arm, and I believe at that time there was only one prosthetic arm, that being the one that had the hook-like thing that could be used to pick things up or hold onto something.

I always felt really sorry for him, and kids would joke and tell other kids things, such as they would get Thomas to pinch another kid with his arm, but they were just joking around. Ignorant, hurtful joking.

Kids can be mean.

Thanks! So true @free-reign, kids can be mean and cruel without realizing the damage they may do to another’’s self esteem.

hello, it's very interesting this kind of activities to initiate me in writing. I think I'm going to be interested

Thanks @carolinacardoza. I hope you enjoy freewriting.

Were you friends with the girl in high school with two different colored eyes?

I've always been intigued by the genetic phenomenon... The name for it is heterochromia and I've primarily seen it only in dogs and maybe a few cats. For fun, here's a link with 12 actors/actresses who have different colored eyes: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/beauty/g2844/celebrities-with-heterochromia-different-colored-eyes

Hmmm. Now you got me wondering what those who have heterochromia list as their eye color on their driver's license and other legal documents?

Congratulations on your post being selected as today's "Rally Upvote!" Have a terrific Friday! @redheadpei

Thanks Nina @ninahaskin. It would be interesting to know how people with heterochromia describe the eye color on the driver’s license. Maybe it doesn’t matter, they just pick one color or the other.

I wasn’t in the same classroom as the girl with the eye heterochromia but knew her younger sister.

Next time I'm at the Department of Revenue I'll ask one of the friendly employees there how they handle listing eye color of those with heterochromia on driver's licenses!😀

Our society is such that any deviation from an average is scary for most of the people. However, history was made most by people who refused to be average.

So true @organduo. People tend to ridicule what they don’t understand. Alexander The Great was one famous person who had two different colored eyes.

Never gave thought to different coloured eyes, my brother has one blue/grey the other green, perhaps growing up with this around one does not find it odd.

Why would anyone want to change their eye colour, you are born with what you have. Myself I have green eyes, only once ever did anyone react saying it out loud which took me off guard a bit, I suppose if you don't live with it is a little different.

You would not find it unusual to see two different coloured eye then Joan. I really only know the one person from school and she had the same coloured eyes as your brother. I’m happy he wasn’t singled out because of the eye heterochromia.

Actually he was popular with the girls LOL, shy so never took advantage!

How fun @redheadpei 🤔 I don't think I know anybody with crazy eyes. 👀

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Hi Bruni. Here’s an e.g.

The eyes on the girl I saw at school were one blue and the other hazel/green.

That would be amazing @redheadpei! Lovely red hair is wonderful but I'm sure you were teased about it. I have always had very blond almost white hair (well more white now, lol) and was always teased about it. Different colored eyes would be amazing to see, I've seen it in dogs and it is beautiful. Great write today :)

Thanks @birdsinparadise for your lovely comment. I think white hair looks great and I don’t understand why people think they need to color it. I’ve noticed a lot of young people with white hair.

I haven’t seen any animals with the different eye color but think is is beautiful. 💕

My grandmother had different shades of eyes color and slept with one eye open. When she woke she would remember things that happen while she was sleep, we thought that was very special.

Wow! Your grandmother had a special gift. Did that gene of the eye heterochromia pass down to any of your grandmother’s descendants?

Two of my Aunts inherit my grandmother hazel eyes color but not the different shade. I remember how much we use to laugh about my grandmother sleeping with one eye open. It was hard for us to understand that she was really sleep.

Too funny! She would know what you were up too even when she slept. 😂

I've seen a couple of folks, usually female now that I think about it, that had different colored eyes. Seems like I remember one blue and one brown in a single case, which I would think would be rather rare.
If we don't destroy ourselves, I think it will soon be so that through CRISPR Gene editing, we can change our eye color etc...that would be very odd.
Nice post @redheadpei

Hi Jerry! I don’t know what we will produce when fooling around with DNA but it seems to be the future. It would be great for it to be used to correct any health problems on the baby while in the womb.

Absolutely, if it could be limited to such usages, but I fear there will be no limiting it once that genie is out of the bottle.

Many people call the good bad and the good bad. Admiring what is not common is the only way to avoid bullying and to love us as we have been created to live in this world.

Yes, it is surprising what is admired by one person and not by another. Having a sense of humor and acceptance about ourselves goes a long way to dispel the hurt of bullying.

I have always found different colored eyes very attractive Lady Jo. At times my own left eye is a darker blue than the right one, but it has never bugged me.
Kids will be kids and I think many of us were teased about some perceived abnormally, but it can often be those same abnormalities that become our strengths in later years!

That is so true Sir Stephen. Often with age these perceived abnormalities become an attractive feature It’s so hard for young people if they try to live up to the looks of movie stars and models.

As we get older we care less what others say about us and become more comfortable in our own skin.

Ah, that's a great fallacy that I always wondered about Lady Jo.
I still cannot understand why anyone would try to look like somebody else.
Fashion has never played a role in my life and I am what I am.
What people say about me is their business and not mine.
Always been like that.

I’m like that too Sir Stephen and try to keep around positive people who celebrate and appreciate what they have been given. It’s like the saying, ‘I wanted new shoes until I saw a man with no feet’ ...Maybe that’s not the exact quote.

Positivity is so necessary in this life Lady Jo and thank you for thinking alike.
Your quote here spells it out good enough.
If we can't appreciate what we have, we will never appreciate what we can possibly get. Life works like this.

Ure so right on this..

Bug-eyed, crazy-eyed , odd-eyed or cross eyed, to see is a gift we should never take for granted.

Sometimes even with the perfect eye sight, we cannot see things as clearly as we want too. And for that we tend to take things for granted.

Thanks @ireenchew. Our eyesight is a wonderful gift.

My cousin is legally blind and married a woman who was blind from 2 yrs. old because of a shattered glass. I am amazed at how they get around and look after themselves. They had two children who have perfect sight.

wow ... that must be really challenging, what're have kids of their own.
I wonder how they managed when the child is still a baby; they must sure have help from family members, right..
My son has what some call as Lazy Eyes; one eye always wanders off and we constantly have to call out to him to focus himself back again & look at us

I don’t know how they managed when the 2 children were young as they lived in another province and I rarely see them. I do know the wife has a good sense of direction. For E.g. she was in the passenger side of the car and could tell the driver when to turn on each street to arrive at the store.

With sight gone the other senses are stronger.

Lovely freewrite, @redheadpei! Eyes really are our most amazing feature. But yes, if they are “different” people don’t really know how to handle it.

Thanks @jayna. The eyes are really the first thing we notice when talking to another.

Howdy redheadpei! This is a tremendous freewrite, great job!

Mornin’ Cowboy and thanks! I’m happy you liked the freewrite.

I've always admired people with unusual physical features. These are evidence of the beautiful diversity of God's creation. I'm partial to red hair, myself, and have always been attracted to the fairer sex when they showcase this magnificent color in a natural way. It may be why I married a red head.

I've probably met people with different colored eyes, but I can't recall any. If I'd have noticed, it would have been a featured I'd have been drawn to. We are all unique, and that's somethings worth celebrating.

Thanks for your lovely comments @blockurator. 😊 👩‍🦰 Yes it is our uniqueness that makes us interesting and attractive. Often we don’t realize this until we are older.

Always happy to give a chuckle. 😊