Becoming A Freedom Source

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After gaining freedom and probably becoming stable, the next
beautiful thing you can achieve is the ability to stretch and help free others within your reach. This can be so fulfilling because you’re now able to be a solution to the fears others.

There’s something very Important to note, Freedom from glorified slavery is like a production chain in a manufacturing company, Your freedom course can only be complete at the point when you become a freedom source to others and that is how you become stable and enjoy true freedom and peace. The greatness of a man is directly proportional to the number of those he puts ahead and this is the beauty of becoming a freedom source. There’s this level of inward fulfilment after genuinely helping others. the beautiful aspect is that you’ve been there and you know exactly where and how to be a good help source to others.

Remember when your freedom was a mere dream, Those days and nights of silent prayers, when you bled out heavy sweats hoping for the day God will smile at you. Remember the promises you made to help free other during your secret prayers if and when you eventually break free. These aren’t some sermo, they are pictures to bring to you vivid memories, A reminder so you don’t become selfish and bitter or unaccommodating towards others when freedom comes. This is possible because if all you still remember after your freedom is still the memories of your Horror past, The sense of Glorified slavery, Abuse, Sexual Harassments, Hunger, Evil environments, Injustice and what have you. If you’re still experiencing difficulties helping others, it could be a sign, You are probably not fully healed.

Ways to know and identify Freedom Heroes Are;
• Those who’re about to be free; These ones are still in pains and they can’t formulate Exactly what to do with life, For now they just want to breath.

• Those who are free but not yet healed; These ones are still bitter about life, They tend to be sadistically different, They say things like “What they do to me, I’ll do to others” these ones are probably still healing.

• The Free, Healed and Freedom Advocates; These ones have recovered, all they do is to find a way to make the world a better place, This is where you should belong after reading this book. One of the ways to recognize a free man is how he enjoys the privileges to help others including those who thought they were punishing him. Your former masters and mistresses who failed to believe in you and those who actually gave up on you. Please be grateful for those channels and forgive their weaknesses. Yes, Forgiving them is a sign of total freedom. it means you’re not only free but also healed. After sometimes, it is wise to make some
phone calls, send text messages and thank them. That is when you can formerly become free and if they love freedom they’ll reconcile with you but that’s none of your business.

It is only at this point that you can boldly say you’re physically, mentally and emotionally free. Understand that freedom for one is freedom for “All who needs freedom”, so you won’t Have to be sentimental or selfish but start with those around you. Let it be a thing of joy to positively inspire and motivate others the best way you can and become a proud freedom Advocate.

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