Lesson from Slytherin: Curbing the Evil Within

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The famous School of Wizard and Wizardly 'Hogwarts' have four houses- Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin where the students are sorted into based on their character traits on the very first day the students start the school by another famous sorting hat.

While describing the Slytherin, the sorting hat says that the character traits we find in Slytherin are loyalty to friendship, resourcefulness, cunning and ambitiousness. These traits as normal as the students of other houses have- brave, intelligent and more. Unspoken by sorting hat and spoken by everyone, there is another character trait Slytherin are labelled with- evil.

This unspoken yet spoken trait of Slytherin takes root in its founder- Salazar Slytherin who had the notion that magic should be limited to pure blood families. He was so firm in his belief that he left the school to three other founders when they disagreed with home. The notion grew when Lord Voldemort arises in power as the dark lord following Salazar's footpath to get rid of all muggle-born witch and wizard.

The belief is was so much in-depth that the Slytherin were expected to live up to that expectation of being evil. Instead of giving them an opportunity to show what they actually stand for, their end was specified. Many Slytherin lose themselves in living up to that expectation and proving their whole life that they have chosen otherwise. Snape spent his life fighting against Lord Voldemort in his own ways but he was never trusted by anyone. Draco's childhood had to be a difficult one because his end was defined to him. He didn't get opportunity to explore where his interest lies.

Snape and Draco prove us that, Slytherin in spite of suffering from the prejudices that they are evil and sometimes succumbing to it, have the ability to fight against roots of evil inside and outside to become a better version of themselves and even create a better world for others and that too when outsider are always sceptical about the alternative you choose for yourself and keep on asking you to prove.

I identify myself as Slytherin because I struggle with the evil inside me and strive to overthrow them every single moment.

I am jealous when someone achieve more than I do. Whenever someone looks more beautiful, I tend to hate them. I feel everyone is shallow inside and faking things on social media. A happy couple makes me puke because I always see a gold digger in one of the couple. People might not trust this but there are times I wish someone to meet an accident or even die.

Trust this that to have all these feelings and to curb them is not an easy task. You have that evil thought in your mind and you have to consciously avoid them trying to replace that with positive things. It is easy when you see someone wear a beautiful dress but when it comes to some restricting your opportunities and taking the place you always have wanted for yourself, it is devastating. To continuously struggle for that positive mindsets, compassion, apprehensiveness and forgiveness is something I have learned from Slytherin and that is where I feel I comply with them.

It is hard to curb that innate evil or the desire to be evil but with ambitions, cunning and resourcefulness, you can never fail.


I am reading a chapter every night to my 10 year old son, we are up to book 3 Azkaban and 3/4 of the way through it :)

After reading the first book i now want to continue reading to see what happens

You will love it once you reach to the book 6- The Half Blood Prince. Things reach to peak there.

I am sorry you found my content to be similar with another article written about Harry Potter. But I didn't copy the content. I linked how I find myself similar to Slytherin and before reaching out to that argument, I introduce the concept to my readers. The concept is what comes from book not something I or anyone can recreate.
It is a fact that Hogwarts is school of wizard and wizardly. It has four houses and students are sorted to houses by sorting house. Also the character traits are the one that are described in the book. When these things are re-narrated, they sound similar which don't mean I copy things. I can't change these things and say Hogwarts if school for vampire, there are seven houses, the bat does the sorting or create a trait of my own.
If you can kindly show me where in the link you shared does it talk about the burden of being evil born and defied by Slytherin, I will agree to your argument.
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