Moon Orchid

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Beautiful plants that have the scientific name Phalaenopsis Amabilis, in my country called Puspa Pesona flower or better known as the Moon Orchid.

I bought it for $ 15 near a cafe last Saturday night.

This orchid plant is widespread in my country Indonesia. He said, at the eastern end of my country there were thousands of orchid species in the forest. This beautiful epiphytic plant lives by sticking to tree trunks or branches in the forest and growing hundreds of meters above sea level and even lowlands.

Moon orchids are included in monopodial plants. Other specifications are elongated green leaves and rather thick leaves. Then, the roots are white and round and elongated and feels fleshy. In addition, the flowers have a slight aroma and a long flowering time and can grow to several diameters. Then, the number of leaves no more than five strands, green, thick, fleshy, oval or jorong, widened at the edges, blunt edges, or somewhat tapered like that.
It is also important to know that although the moon orchid grows in the tropics, it needs a little sun to support its life because it cannot stand direct sunlight.



But what do you see? I placed this orchid on a small table in my house because I did not have the opportunity to move it to the right container. Maybe tomorrow I will move him to a suitable container for him. But tonight I tried to take photos to share with friends on this platform.

Hopefully it is beautiful and you enjoy it.



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