Healing Feelings #Poetry

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I am writing these letters
From a place of warmth
Holding my breath
As my desires drag out my truth
From the wreckage of disappointments
Piles of forgotten moments
And bring them here to you
To give you a clue
That you are the latter.

I am spilling my heart out
Chasing these internalized doubts
To create room for your untainted love
Ready my revived self
For your feathery soft touch
My dove
I wish to curve
Every promise on your delicate skin
With the emblems of the fire caged within
My enchanted self.

I am offering nothing more
But a myriad of dense emotions
Mine is a rebirthed score
Born out of countless heartbreaks
In here unsolved pain speaks
Before I finally let your love
Conquer this inescapable void
And allow it to cleanse
This home I can never avoid.



... the minute I desert my pens for a minute, I struggle getting back their flow and pieces of unedited poetry and stories float in my mind looking for a way out. This piece is what flew out first. I hear people say that poets rely on whatever they are feeling to pen therapeutic lines and this must be about this new feeling I am feeling. One I thought I never again would.


I loved every single line....

Thank you so :)

A heart carrying
an untouched emotion,
in silence it weeps.
His amateur poetry,
a room of healing
where jewels of memories
he keeps.
Like unmeasured depth
of an ocean,
his love is infinite
and deep.
Sowed with truth
and feelings,
with time it will grow
and reap.

You speak my mind as usual 🌺

WOW,😍 what a beautiful Poetry with a classy heart touching picture.

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