10 bugs to eat

in Freewriters4 months ago


"Come on, man. What's taking so long?"

Cabinet doors open then slam shut all over the house. Then Toby hears something going on in the basement. He looked at his watch. He really didn't have time for this.

"Come on, Kevin. Let's go!"

"Just a minute. I've almost got them."

More waiting. Great. I'm gonna miss the ten dollar deal at the cafe.

Toby hears Kevin stomping up the stairs.

"Here ya go."

"What's this?"

"You said you needed ten bugs to eat."

"I said I needed ten BUCKS to eat!"


5 minute freewrite. Prompt: 10 bugs to eat

Photo by skeeze


hahaha - that was funny!! Well done!

Thanks. It doesn't always happen, but I try to look at things from a different perspective.

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