Bored Stiff in Hawaii

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Years ago we lived in Hawaii.

From the time we got there until near the time we left, my wife, our friends and I were constantly on the go.

We hiked to Sacred Falls. We scoured the beaches and reefs for shells. We explored the cave out past Waianae.

Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay was a common thing.

I saw the blow hole. I watched people swim through the toilet bowl.

We listened to humpbacks sing in the distance.

We camped at Yokohama beach near Three Tables.

We body surfed 20 foot waves at Waimea Bay.

We even rode horses at Makaha.

One thing we never did though was get bored stiff.


5 minute freewrite challenge prompt: bored stiff

Photo by Aloha_Mahalo


hahaha - that sounds like you had way too much fun to even think about being bored!

After a while, it does become like any place else you've ever been. I lived there about 5 years and got "used to" seeing everything.

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