Black sheep

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Black sheep...
You truly believe you are rare my dear?
You don't fit into the flock with the other sheep?


Their rage is based on what they believe they see,
they were raised differently.
It's in the DNA they say.
White is good, black is wrong
white is left and light, black is dark as the night.
We'll see, just wait and see who is right.

Shave a sheep, cut it deep
It's all the same lame being sharing one name
which is... sheep.


Black or white, fat or thin, long or short, out of in.
Why do you care, what makes you aware
of all those differences?
You only have a point if an issue is made out of it.
A blind horse can't tell the difference
there's no need to respond so intense.
Let it be.


The white sheep isn't white but looks dirty.
A black sheep isn't rare or unique.
If you look at the proper place you find what you seek.
A good habitat to be where all live in hormony
as far as the eye can see.

Boundin' - Pixar

"I think you have a pink kink in your think"

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