My suspect

I don't feel too well lately and try to hang in. I wake up in time and do a bit of house chorus. Cleaning up, flushing the toilet, filling buckets with water, putting the kettle on and soaking my feet in a hot tub with almond soap. The soap smelled a bit weird. I noticed some soaps do, just like shampoo, body lotion and perfume once the bottle is open.

I bought some new socks months ago and they arrived yesterday. Let's say it was a waste of money. I hoped they kept my feet warm but they did not. Not in the daytime and not in bed which is understandable if you see them but at the same time it's disappointing.

AliExpress waste of money

Although I keep myself busy my day goes slow and it feels more like killing time. I kill time in between being dizzy and "hot flashes" and the only thing I am grateful for is I do not faint and end in a coma for several hours. At least miserable me can keep her children company during homeschooling. I prepare their breakfast, their drinks and cooked dinner but in between I collapse. I am out of energy from one moment to the next and I do not have a good reason for it, not one that I can mention. Long before my children I go to bed.

It's nearly two years ago I was taken to hospital. At that time the specialist's suspect was my hormones were low, my kidneys, heart plus other organs were at their end because of the use of prednisone but it all looked fine or at least better than expected.

After a chat I had with someone about the quality of tap water and mineral water I wonder if those doctors missed something. Perhaps they did the wrong tests and I do have a high need for...(?) after a life of prednisone (no idea what or if I can fill the lack myself) but it's worth studying the labels of mineral water since dehydrated me needs to drink 24/7 and water with a high level of minerals is always cheaper than buying pills and I have no intention to go back to hospital.


This is my entry to the daily 5-minute free-write. The prompt 'suspect' is provided by @mariannewest
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