Pigeon hole

A pigeon hole... It's small. A pigeon hole, pay box, compartment seems to be the same although a pigeon not always fits in... that's all I can say about the p-hole.

A pigeon nest... domestic pigeons only stay in a p-hole.

For years pigeons reminded me of my grandparent's home and above all summer. It was the only place where I heard them so nearby although they must have been everywhere.
Pigeons... I never ate one and will never eat one either. To you it might be a pigeonhole if I say they are dirty animals spreading diseases but it's true. Pigeons are the rats of the birds.

Since two till three years the number of pigeons is increasing where I live and I cannot say I am happy with it.
It's not only that they shit everywhere, my laundry included, but they make a tremendous noise and drive one of my wolves crazy. For hours a day it's trying to bark and makes a hell of a noise because these brutal birds truly believe they are in charge and most likely steal water and food out of their bowls too.

"She dug a hole," I told my children as I came inside. It's too small for her to fit in so it might be a rat or something else is in her way. Something she dug out and scared away or killed and eaten.

Are pigeons smart? The one on the photo flew against the windom. The loud bang alarmed me and I was just in time to grab my camera and watch it die.

The prompt is written in bold and provided by @mariannewest.

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Pigeons are tormenting!

In the buildings where I live they have many nests on the rooftops and the noise they make does not let me sleep, they are also very smelly, and I find them very unpleasant, in that I agree with you.

So to the pigeon holes I say

BOO! BOO! Kitty BOO! : D

I can only agree with you and worse are those who keep them and let their pigeons torture the neighbourhood.

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