Stay away from that door

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"Move away from the door and let me ."

He pulled her by her hair backwards, not cared about her screaming, she was hurt. He held his breath while pressing his ear against the door.

"What's that sound?" he hissed.

"Bugs, I think the room is.." she cried.

"Bugs? Stop that nonsense woman!"

As if bugs make such a sound. His entire life he observed them, already as a toddler started his collection. A loud crash came from inside, the door moved. What was that terrible smell?

"He did it again!"

"Be glad you have a job, stop the whining. You big baby!"

Surrounded by bottles he hung in his chair and waved at her. His way to make clear the discussion was closed and she should leave. The drama on television was more important than his daughter's complaints about her employer, his old friend, and once a colleague.

Since his former assistant agreed to take part in the experiment the professor lost all reason. The rats, test rabbits, dogs, and even the monkey, they all died. What happened to the assistant? Did he really leave? She only peeped through the keyhole to be sure no one was inside. The noises coming from that particular room made her feel uncomfortable. Something was wrong. Bugs crawled underneath the door and for a second an eye stared at her. At that same moment, the professor had... The eye!

Only 10 bugs to eat were left in the container with the warning. The food he no longer needed. Why not set them free? They ran in a straight line to the door and found their way out. No option for him, not with his seize. The lightning through the keyhole was gone. He crawled closer to have a look. His body hurt after all the changes just his brain seemed to remain the same. He could think.
Triggered by the scream and familiar voice he ran into the door. High time to end the experiment.

If you like to freewrite join the freewriters. @mariannewest provides in a daily prompt. I used "10 bugs to eat", plus two given by a prompt generator which I noted a few days earlier generated by

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