The mosque - #freewrite

Like churches, you find these buildings all over the world, bigger and smaller ones, at times built at unexpected places.
If this place, dom(e), feels like a home depends on the others visitors, the leader(s), and if you are accepted.
Something strange about holy places is they are rarely holy just like those who claim they love, care, live by the rules are the first who break them. Breaking rules in name of an almighty one seems to be something religion and politic have in common.
I wonder why there are so many differences, why we are not able to respect those who believe in what we cannot believe in, are willing to fight, live, die or kill for. If heaven or paradise exist it will be an empty place. If god loves all humans you can not fight a neighbour or stranger, friend or enemy in his name. If Karma exists most of us are in big trouble and if this life is all there is most of us made a mess out of it. The thing is you can believe you do someone good but it's not about what you believe but how others feel about you or your deed(s).
The mosque, to me it's a building. At times an amazing piece of architecture not different from some churches. You like it or hate it just like they say about Brussel sprouts.

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